bassman dumble mod. Killer Tweed: 1958 Fender 5F4 Super Amp. The overdrive pedal of choice that Robben uses is the Hermida Zendrive. There was a Robben Ford interview where Robben said that Howard told him that his inspiration to build the Overdrive Special was in '67 after he heard Robben's tone while playing through a Bassman …. I have added notes in red to the schematics believed to have errors. Vibrolux Replacement Cabinet by Armadillo Amp Works. Try the deep switch I like what it does to single coil pickups. There's a warmth to them, the "bloom" that. Fender Bassman - \"ABNormal Channel\" Mods Unleash the Hidden BEAST! My Fender Rumble 60 Bassman Repair Prova di un Fender Bassman Blackface anni 60 Page 6/35. BILL M MOD, CANNABIS REX SPEAKER. Current build time is 14 to 18 weeks on stock builds. com Hot rodded Blackface Bassman …. No booster, overdrive, or distortion pedals are needed to achieve his classic agro …. Just about every one is different. 02uF coupling cap to polypropylene or …. It has less gain and much more compression and mid range. Perform the high jump while hitting moving vehicle model. According to the rule of thumb these amps handle a speaker load between 2 and 8 ohms. I also have an old Fender Bassman that I still love to use regularly. Had the DS gone over, Blackfaced, and a Dumble ODS mod done by my buddy/amp tech Richie Hall. ⦁ 5881's are used in place of the 6L6GCs for a more vintage Bassman …. PHILIP SAYCE's 1966 Fender Bassman (Cesar Diaz!) d'occasion. If you are researching drive pedals inspired by other amps, you may want to also take a look at our articles on the best Plexi-Style pedals, best Dumble-style drives and Vox-in-a-box overdrives. ② Line 6 Pod X3 Live ! — Effets — 2ememain. Discover classic tube tone, digital modeling and more. Benjamin Fargen discusses how to properly dial in his Fargen Custom Shop Tube Buffered FX Loop for optimum tone on the DBC25, …. If you call a RI your own, it is best to rebuild it with the old circuit of a 5F6A. ベースマン 50 にしてはどうかと提案するも、「ギター音はギャンプスで MOD したVibrolux reverb の音をつのまま使いたい」「ヘッドではなくコンボ・アンプで実現 . They have Overtone amps for different flavors of Dumble type circuits, from HRM amps that drift more Marshall on the overdrive to high headroom Mayer type amps. Both are more or less based on the elusive Dumble amp, which had an a Laney Lionheart L20T-212 and, regarding pedals, a BB Preamp Comp version, a Boss BD-2 (planning to Keeley-mod it), a Klon the kind words! Hard to tell what David’s using for that clip. DIY Effect pedal Kit * Zen Drive Clone. Improved Lashes Fuzz FaceのMOD …. Dumble Amps - Updated 01-01-00 Bargain Bin Amps - Updated 03-02-06 Post 70's Amps - Updated 03-03-06 PA/Hi-Fi Amp Conversions - * NEW * Effects - Updated 03-07-06 Manuals - TEMPORARILY OFFLINE The Vibroclone Workshop: Mods …. If you took the 2-input ’55 Bassman, which shares a lot with the Super, My favorite guitar tones were the recorded sounds of the Mesa Boogie/Dumble ODS type amps The Mod …. Philip Sayce’s personal owned 1966 Fender Bassman blackface amplifier, heavily modified and signed by the legendary Cesar Diaz (Stevie Ray …. My BM 10 has been modded with a tube rectifier, PPIMV in place of the original Master and the "studio" channel rewired into something like a brown …. File Type PDF Fender Bassman 250 User Guide Fender Bassman 250 User Guide The Mystery of the Fender Bassman 5F6-A Schematic - Cracking the Code SECRETS of the Fender Bassman - \"ABNormal Channel\" Mods Unleash the Hidden BEAST! Fender Bassman Pro Series Demo with Rancid's Matt Freeman Dumble …. Dumble Steel String Singer driving Marshall 8x10" cabinet. Thank you for visiting CeriaTone, home of quality and affordable guitar tube amplifier. In 2012, Vintage Guitar magazine described the Dumble …. Fender Blackface Deluxe Modifications. The first picture looks like it converts the ab763 normal channel to a dumble style preamp. This unit features six sections including mod, delay, boost, pitch, reverb and compression with a massive selection of detailed controls and parameters over each. The evolution of guitar amp circuits becomes a revolution! The Ultimate Tone, Volume 6 takes you through advanced DC Power Scaling methods; reveals the secrets of Dumble …. ” Those lucky enough to pass the “audition” and spend time with Dumble …. Passive EQ, beyond the original hardware. I had it modded shortly after getting it. Inspired by Sunn Model T Preamp with extended tone stack and mods + LPB1 Booster Inspired by Dumble …. I To order this amp new without any upgrade/Mods …. The Ultimate Tone Volume 4 - Advanced Techniques for Modern Guitar Amp Design. Mike built Bassman clones, much like early Marshall, until he got a Mesa Mark II and then wanted to develop a higher gain version. He is definitely one of LA’s guitar royalty. Maybe the CAZ is the Dumble that Dumble …. I recently have spent some time with the Fender reissue amps and I wanted to provide my opinion on them after trying them out with single coil …. The Volume and Treble knobs become the Speed and Intensity controls while the Bass knob is replaced with a jack for. Unlike electrolytics that can dry out and fail over time, these don't have a 'wet' electrolyte, and therefore last forever (unless they fail, which ANY component can do) therefore in theory the amp should never need any touches inside once done. Marshall Major 200-watt Super PA into Marshall "bathtub" 4x15" cabinet. 28''x20'' VOX Diamond Grill Cloth Fabric Black & Red/White/Green For Dumble …. Peavey 6505MH Amp Head With Foot Switch *MINT* Joe Satriani Owned Marshall 1959HW Hand Wired Super Lead Plexi Dexter Satch Mod…. Assuming you are using your Bassman for guitar! Here is a simple mod I did to make it come alive and sound lots better! Again, thanks to the AMPAGE crowd for helping me with this simple mod…. I've done that mod to a silverface bassman for a …. I'm thinking that a small reverb tank might fit in the bassman …. ac15,ac30, but sounds great too, with plexi, jcm800, jcm2000, special overdrive, I have done a mod …. 一気に増殖してしまいましたが、やっぱりGFRの曲を弾くためのアンプですので、MARK仕様(ブラック・グリル) に改造もしたいし、これからゆっくりじっくり手をかけて行く . Vox AD60VTH Valvetronix guitar amplifier. While picking up this Bassman-that Dumble had been working on. Bench fees are 75 dollars per hour with 1/2-hour minimum fee. When i use the Marshall Calculator stack converted to Bassman specs and fill in the mods i did to my build and then compare with the dumble rock stack i have gotten a pretty much dead on freq response on paper. Smokebreak wrote: Whatever pot you were going to use for mids, cut it in half for the fixed value. Amp Wizard Howard Dumble In fact, after the last Steel-String Singer mod I did to David Lindley's amps, he no longer uses the Fender Bassman I …. Not so sure about that Don, Dumble started modding Fenders in the early '60s. It's a very natural sounding effect, with a much wider range of depth and speed than the original as well. We are a group of passionate guitarists trying to help you make the best choice when it comes to guitars and related accessories. Name: Inspired by: Demo: LE: Standard: Professional: Elite: Fender Super Bassman …. Diaz Tremolo Mod Revoice Channel 1: Mild High Gain/Compression with added reverb & vibrato. I built a 5F6A head amp and it's the sweetest sounding amp I've ever heard so I decided to design a Micro version of The Bassman. When "they" talk about 5150 mods. Mod in UG's Official Gain Wh o res. Tonally, no two ODS models sound the same. まず、その改造を施したBlues Juniorのサウンドサンプルをどうぞ。(すべてエフェクトは一切なしでアンプ直。) クリーン。付加機能によりノーマルのBlues . Soft, soulful touch or snarling pick attack, RevivalDRIVE …. The best way I can describe it, is that this mod makes the amp "blossom". The old routine with the Dumble/Boogie stuff used digital stereo effects from the effects loops, which is ideal if you want higher gain sounds, …. Re: Dumble mods for Fender Bassman 50???? Post by Mark » Tue Sep 24, 2013 6:14 am Keith you don't need a 10K mid pot, have a look at this 3rd gen Dumble …. Our Kits include our excellent Heyboer Transformer sets and tubes are included where noted for each kit. Everyone calls them the “poor man’s Dumble” and they truly are. Blues Deville amp into a Dumble Style fire breathing monster. Re: Bassman AB165 unused triod / extra od stage mod? « Reply #12 on: March 27, 2021, 07:57:29 am » If i would change the 470pF to …. How Alvino Rey Introduced the Guitar World to Effects in the 1930s by Making His Instrument Talk. com is a source to vintage Fender guitar amps, mostly blackface and silverface models from the 1960s and 1970s. Marshall 5210 50w Solid-State with Jensen Mod Speaker $350 (South Austin) hide this posting restore restore this posting. Anyone familiar with Dumble amp? 09-12-2014, 07:55 AM. that's like calling you the best of the best. 4x10 1959 Fender® Bassman® 4x12 Line 6® 4x12 1967 Marshall® Basketweave with Greenbacks 4x12 1968 Marshall® Basketweave with Greenbacks 4x12 1978 Marshall® with stock 70s 4x12 1996 Marshall® with Vintage 30s 4x12 Mesa/Boogie® POD X3 Bass Amplifier Models based on*: Ampeg® SVT; Ampeg® B-15A; Eden Traveler WT-300; Fender® Bassman…. can a COT50 be run into a clean amp and still sound killer. 6k members in the GuitarAmps community. I cannot complain about Dumble prices going through the roof! I was fortunate enough to meet him and get three amps modded by him. steel thru a dumble? dumble mod to fender?. Encyclopedia Of Joe Bonamassa Guitar Help (Page 1) — Joe's. Presets (472) Cabs (6) Advanced Search? Keywords: Select an Option Any Field Asset Name Author Product FW Version Setup (Presets Only) …. The original Fender TV-front Bassman of 1952 was a bare-bones amp with two knobs (volume and tone) and two instrument inputs on a top-mounted …. Assuming you are using your Bassman for guitar! Here is a simple mod I did to make it come alive and sound lots better!. Change the cathode resistor of v2 pin 8 to 1k5. As for Mesa, another of the Fender-based builders. Celestion G12M Greenback 12 Inch Guitar Speaker 25 Watts - (16 Ohm) 5 out of 5 stars. • BMAN - based on fender Bassman • DLX - based on deluxe reverb • SL - based on Marshall SuperLead plexi • SL2 - based on hot-rodded Marshall sound • EG5 - Egnater high gain modules, takes off where the EG3/4 ends. While good for 60’s bass, bad for your guitar! These very simple mods to your Bassman can make the bass channel very sweet. This is not meant to discourage you from trying the other. DMBL PHNX Kemper Profile Pack. It was introduced in 1951, primarily targeted for bass guitar players and promoted as a bass amp for the Fender Precision Bass guitar, the first mass-produced electric bass guitar ever. “He wanted them out there making music. This lead to many requests for Blackface Conversion Mods. Below are photos showing a Tube-Tone Deluxe-Plus chassis and an untouched (other than replaced caps) 1964 Fender Bassman chassis. Dumble changed some things up closer tolerance parts for one eventually changing transformers HRM is a hot rubber monkey mod or hot rod marshall. Dumble Overdrive Special clone (Chepman AMPS, Russia). Some other amps that I've gotten some good Gibbons/Bonamassa tones on are a Metro JTM45, Dr. If you dont know about Dumble amplifiers then here ya go. Looking at the back of the 1 meg master volume audio pot, left to right, numbering pins one, two, and three. Bassman 5F6-A Schematic - Cracking the Code How Tube Amplifiers Work, Part 1: The Power Supply The BEST Mod for your Vintage Amplifier Building A Dumble …. But I'd have to move out of home because there's not enough room. : ttc-co-fe030 Shippingtime: TTC, ca. -The “bright cap mod” on a Fender Deluxe Reverb-Skip’s mods to the Silverface Champ circuit 2:05 Skip works on a barn-find 1960 Fender Tweed Bassman 6:10 Parenting tips 7:50 Jason confesses to Skip that he got a Stew-Mac Champ kit; Dumble…. Also add a 500pF or 750pF cap in parallel with the one 220k resistor that is beside the …. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: ". Z Maz OD-2: Dumble ODS 5F6JFM: Fender 5F6 Bassman …. Sun 100S - Sunn 100S 08 Blues Boy - Fender Blues Junior Glassy Amps 09 Tweed Bass - Fender Bassman …. RIG FOR RECORDING "IN STEP" 1959 Tweed Bassman 4x10" 2 Dumble 4x12" cabs. Smokebreak wrote: Whatever pot you were going to …. Both the 5F6A bassman and classic Marshall circuits use a cathode follower tone stack, after an additional stage with a volume control - which sounds different to the plate fed tonestack that you have. Location: Princeton, United States. Bassman, dumble and something else I can't remember. designed range of 14 mini pedals. Dumble Cool Mod + Boost Switch. Quilter Labs Aviator Cub Demo (no talking) Apr 6th, 2021. • COD - California overdrive, Egnater's take on Dumble…. G-SPACE This is the 100 watt Bassman …. Yeah I heard some guys tell me they actually liked the Dumble modded Fenders they’d played even better than the actual Dumble’s, but my only experience so far was with that one Dumble I tried it at volume at a local store and even my dad who doesn’t really play guitar and this one middle aged lady who also doesn’t play were blown away. ※こちらの商品の改造元であるFender Bassman Head100は中古品です。 予めご了承くださいませ。 付属品:フットスイッチ、接続用シールド 【デジマートで見 . These were mostly HIS Fenders (two 1x15 Vibroverbs and two Super Reverbs) and a 1959 Bassman …. Tag: amplifiers amps Amps & Tone Bands & Artists bluesbreakers brian setzer dick dale duane allman dumble overdrive special eddie van halen eric clapton fender bassman fender deluxe reverb fender s November 12, 2019 / Sticky. uncontrolled after this mod really smooths out and looses its former flabby character. I got out my old '60's Fender Princeton yesterday and realized just how much hyped up and compressed the Fuchs is in comparison. I am looking to see if there is a way to possibly mod my amps, or do minor "upgrades" in the circuit to get tones more reminiscent of SRV and the Two Rock amps played by John Mayer. Armed with his trusty ’68 Gibson ES-335 and two Dumble …. The Floor POD Plus includes 124 presets to cover a wide range of tones and styles. Bad Cat Cub 40R On Ten Mar Samamp VAC 40 Series 2 Demo Feb 3rd, 2012. Re: Gut Shots !!! Mon Oct 19, 2020 3:59 am. From 1982 to 1989, this model was reissued as "Bassman RI" by Fender. SchematicsHow A Tube Works The BEST Mod for your Vintage Amplifier Building A Dumble Overdrive Special 102 Style Guitar Amp From Start to Finish History and Design of Schematics) 57 Twin Amplifier. It works like a booster but in my opinion it lacks in terms of tightness and usable gain but it is a Fender amp so most probably many people won´t like that in a Fender amp anyway. Co-hosted by the Fretboard Journal ’s Jason Verlinde. Building A Dumble Overdrive Special 102 Style Guitar Amp From Start to Finish Artists bluesbreakers brian setzer dick dale duane allman dumble overdrive special eddie van halen eric clapton fender bassman …. The article on Dumble may have been due to the fact that he was producing his own amps. As far as I know, the CE-2B is just a CE-2 with an effect level pot (plus one capacitor value change- actually the same cap swapped in the "hifi" mod, except it's a 12nF in the '2B as opposed to the 3n9 in the hifi mod …. This mod allows wide range of adjustment to bias 6V6, 6L6, EL34, KT66, KT77 and KT88 power tubes. Ceriatone Amps Equivalent. Dumble Mods Replace the 2-Prong AC Receptacle With a 3-Prong Use modern accessories with the amp. Had 1265s and they were ok and they are a "go to" speakers for a lot of Dumble and Dumble clone users. Fender '59 Bassman LTD Lacquered Tweed. When it comes to Dumble type amps I've tried the real thing, many Two Rock's, Bludotone Hi Plains Drifter, Smartbelle, many Fuchs (I live not far from them) and a few other less noteworthy ones I can't remember as well as the pedals like the Shin's Music Dumbloid, Ethos TLE, Jetter's, Mad. When it comes to Dumble type amps I’ve tried the real thing, many Two He WILL NOT discuss past work, amps, mods, only wants to do what he does right now. I am a big fan of Dumble style amplifiers lol. Ben Fargen here from Fargen Custom Amps & Mods. Amp was primarily apart of Mods, Transformer diagrams, Photo's, Sound clips. IMHO, the best mod for a silverface bassman is the good old blackface conversion. Apenas venda!!!!! Violão Flat Tagima - Nylon - Elétrico - Mod …. going to an ampfest today & will get a chance to play. Jackson Venables on Tritone Amplification modified Fender Bassman. Uses a Mercury Magnetics power transformer and an Original Fender . 4/16 Build times and repair/restoration/mods times. We have done nothing to change the tone, as we feel Leo …. Projects, Mods, Transformer diagrams, Photo's, Sound clips. Does all this music stuff I own actually produce better. SONG: Brown Sugar - Rolling Stones: Under the Bridge - RHCP: Pride and Joy - SRV: 8. As one of the true pioneers of boutique amplifiers, Alexander Dumble forever changed the tonal landscape of guitars in the 1960s …. 1960 Tweed Bassman-Hendrix Tone Sound Check #1Fender Bassman 59 - #39 Doctor Guitar A Retweeded 1959 Fender Tweed Bassman - First Sounds Fender Bassman 25 Input Jack Repair The Fender Precision Bass: A Short History The HIGH GAIN FENDER Amp You Didn't Know Existed \u0026 Does NOT Suck Axes \u0026 Artifacts - Dumble Overdrive Special, Overdrive Deluxe \u0026 Modded Fender Bassman …. Zexcoil pickups are my official pickups. Reactions:dc007, ErictheRed, Roxy13and 10 others sonar Senior Member Joined. This one has NOS RCA 6L6's for that extra vibe. The mod is known in the gourmet amp biz as Mod #34. This model became the 2×15" Bassman 50 in 1972, a year that also saw the arrival of the 50-watt Bassman 10 combo (the first 4×10" version in more than a decade, although it had a sealed back) and the 100-watt piggyback Bassman 100, which was basically a Super Bassman repackaged with. These amps are proven solid foundations that have served musicians for decades. )-----trader & types snippets included in the @Soundtracks folder-adds 11 full albums-adds 2 [email protected]_radio;@Soundtracks on your mod line. Works great ! Comes with power adapter and manual. The mods made it into a completely new amp, the one jensen Mod 50 32 ohm i installed no doubt plays a part too. Brian Setzer’s Blonde Brownface Fender Bassman …. TTC Combo Bassman 1X12 Blackface-Style Product No. Questions welcome, but please …. I of course don't have a Dumble to compare it to, but Fuchs says he has repaired many Dumbles and copied them accurately. Typically, they are 2-channel amps prized for their powerful clarity. The silverface amps are surprisingly similar to the coveted Fender blackface line of amps. Amp List Category Amp Inspired by Clean Silver 120 Roland JC120 Black Duo Fender Twin Reverb AD Clean Orange AD 30 MATCH DC Matchless DC30 ODS 50 Dumble ODS 50 HRM Glassy. 小さなギター屋さんBlog 渋谷駅から当店まで直線で2525m。 渋谷区と、目黒区と、世田谷区の交わる場所 下北沢と隣り合った「代沢2丁目」という 静かな町の …. Here's video 3 in the series, also if you are interested, the first half of this build was done in a live stream, I'll link that below this one, and I've got another livestream today at 6pm PST, 9pm EST for those so inclined. By donnycee, October 19, 2005 in Guitar Amplifiers Overall …. Video captured on my Samsung Note 4 phone. By speaking of a Bassman, usually the '59 Bassman (and its editions) is meant. So a pedal that sounds good, I had VaughnC mod my TS-9 pedal for true bypass and give it. Anyone familiar with Dumble amp?. Had the DS gone over, Blackfaced, and a Dumble ODS mod …. 64 mr_hankey-fender 6G6-B bassman 1964 64 mr_hankey-dumble …. Love Fender Dumble Trainwreck Tones * 1954 Fender 5D6 4x10 Bassman. 0 out of 5 stars based on 4 product ratings Fender Replacement Amp Cover for Standard Bassman …. 新品 Fender Bassman '59 LTD用 内部基板一式 2019年製をメルカリでお得に通販、誰でも安心して簡単に売り買いが楽しめるフリマサービスです。新品/未使用品も多数、 . This leads to some poor soul complaining that his Bassman …. Dumble Overdrive Special (Based on a real amp, the others were based on schematics) WRECKER 1. - Hammond Bassman OT - Hammond Vibro PT - Tube Reverb - ODS Channel (drive; level - ODS channel on the amp with bright mod (and boost is off) and no drive , DLT Amplification, dr. Answer (1 of 10): I'm assuming you're talking about a '59 Bassman Reissue here, and I certainly don't want to crush your dreams, but what do you mean by "bedroom volumes", something like 105 dB ? Because that's about the volume they start singing at. Note that not all of these schematics are guaranteed to work. 6 reviews; Omega Amps Legacy Head Mod. I’ve been setting my amp to model a 59 Fender Bassman like you had mentioned to me, Viola The ToL is based on the Dumble amp, which again inspired a wide range of pedals, including the OCD. That setup creates a great rowdy slap back echo which has become part of his signature tone. The new one is covered in Silver Jubile tolex and very cool. The circuit in that amp is the Bassman 10 circuit (how original of CBS) and made during the CBS days. At least part of the inspiration of what Alexander Dumble crafted into the tone of the Overdrive Special was the sound Robben Ford achieved by running his rig into the front end of a cranked Fender Blackface amplifier (likely a Super Reverb or Bassman). Bill Webb's favorite tone mods for Fender amps at the Vibrato channel's second gain stage, change the ceramic 0. So a pedal that sounds good, I had VaughnC mod …. TC Electronic Mojo Mojo Overdrive Jetter Red Shift Hardwire Tube Overdrive Boss Fender 59' Bassman …. Remove the MV circuit and replace it with this one. 3-Way Negative Feedback Switch. Tone Stack Plots, Fender/Dumble…. « Reply #2 on: April 09, 2011, 05:52:36 AM ». Fender Squire Mini & Marshall Amp. It was originally titled "Dumble Mod for the Normal Channel" but I had to change the name and rewrite the introduction to protect the innocent (me! ) (A friend had seen David Lindley playing a Bassman head in the early 80's- I have a hunch that it had been modified by Dumble…. Do Amp Builders Ever Put Pedal Circuits Inside Secretly. If you’re looking to populate an arsenal that can cover all stylistic bases, here are five outstanding amp choices amid the spectrum. Mod Type: Actual: Vox AC15: Vox AC15 vintage, channel 2: Comp: MXR Dyna-Comp: Chorus: Boss CE-2 Dumble Overdrive Special, clean channel: Black 2x12: Fender 1960s Twin Reverb Fender 1959 Bassman …. Look under the heading "Fender Amp Mods". 3 Dumble ODS (1 from the 80s and 2 from the 90s - one of them is the 223 or 224) with a fender bass Cabinet, a Bassman Tweed Reissue, a Victoria Reverberato flipped sideways. BOUTIQUE 1: Based on the Matchless Chieftain, known for its liquid tone and endless sustain -- a medium-gain amp, thick, yet crisp, with a fair …. FOR FENDER BASSMAN '59 (DUMBLE) MADE USA 1982 PCB Point-Point Circuit VINTAGE - EUR 500,00. My Fender 1964 Blonde Bassman sounds terrific. I have a stock 66 Bassman and 2x12. I'm having Jim do his standard HRD mod. The official source for presets and cabs for your Axe-Fx. Fender Bassman 100 User Guide. The handwired '57 Custom Deluxe is a bit of electronic wizardry—an extraordinary amplifier with stunning clean tone and the complex, organic overdrive guitarists crave. And lastly, I think a Dumble tone stack and reduced cathode cap values in a Deluxe Reverb would sound great especially with a 5751 in V1. Oct 8, 2014 - Schematic Ckt of a Dumble guitar amp copy. Here's a bunch: God's Cab Pack 1. Ah, the glorious Nar-row-panel 5E3 tweed Fender Deluxe – such a ubiquitous …. Maybe a Fender Super Reverb for single coils, and a Marshall Bluesbreaker or Silver Jubilee for humbuckers. In the studio SRV was notorious for running many amps simultaneously to combine their attributes. Not so much of a Bassman sound IMO. Be it your first guitar or an …. Bassman amps have always been a great platform for mods—they're easy to work on and there are quite a few fun things you can do. – Custom built Super Reverb head with Dumble – 2 X12 Weber California – Hot Rod Deluxe 1 – 1X12 Weber California i purchase a one. that means: this is the best overdrive i can make and i measure it by what is considered the best: the dumble…. Weber Speakers - Making the world a bit louder each day. SRV also used a dumble bass amp to record texas flood. "That was through a Dumble so it’s probably one of the best examples. The V1 cathodes are not separated but the cathode resistor is reduced to 510 ohms to equal the Dumble separate 1k cathode resistors. Andy Fuchs has a pretty cool program where he takes old amps and 'mods' them to his ODS spec. That led to messing around with various Dumble circuits until I finally came to the conclusion that I'm not really into Dumbles. Mods, fixes, projects, that sort of thing. Not "sorta like" or "our interpretation of", but the real deal implementation of the original amp. Axes & Artifacts: Dumble Overdrive Special, Overdrive Deluxe & Modded Fender Bassman John Bohlinger. Keep in mind the ODS derived from a bassman and 50 watts at that. This point will act as a ground connection. How to Bias a Fender Bassman (AB165) The 6L6 amplifier I chose is a 1969 Fender Bassman head (AB165). but also the Two Stone & Bludo as well & the Wrecker Express. If the amp has been modified to increase gain this can, and often does, add significantly to hiss, sometimes to a point where the amp is virtually unusable. View and modifications for overtone special dumble tone gets rougher and reverb! Hoffman that is here is a search. ACCESSORIES Recommended Cover P/N: 0037965000, '59 Bassman…. « Reply #3 on: February 03, 2018, 11:43:02 am ». amplifiers, amplifiers amps Amps & Tone Bands & Artists bluesbreakers brian setzer dick dale duane allman dumble overdrive special eddie van halen eric clapton fender bassman fender deluxe reverb fender s, amps, Amps & Tone, benjamin fargen, blackface tube amp, blues, bluesbreakers, dumble, dumble overdrive special, fargen, fargen amps, fender. The two bias resistors in a typical bias circuit form a voltage divider to reduce the voltage coming out of the bias rectifier diode. BRAND: Fender MODEL: Super Reverb-Amp, Blackface AB763 FUNCTION: 4x10" Combo Tube Guitar Amplifier PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for 1965 Fender Super Reverb-Amp, Blackface AB763, 4x10" Combo Tube Guitar Amplifier with Road Case, serviced extensively by Alexander Dumble for legendary guitarist Robben Ford. Tube amp kits, tube amp books, and tube + hi-fi amps - made in Canada, available worldwide. I never gave that pedal much thought, but it gets a thumbs up from me judging my the video. 50W or 100W heads and combos, with a 20W lunchbox head in the mix. The evolution of Fender’s trailblazing Acoustasonic platform continues with the introduction of the Acoustasonic Player Telecaster. This was a Dumble Dumbleland amp, which is a 300 watt bass amp. I have a Bassman modded by Jim Price at Omega Amps. Dumble Clean: Pair a Blackface Clone with a Compressor. Some sources say that the young Dumble played in the 60s psychedelic band Captain Speed, but I can’t definitively confirm. Fender Blues Junior - 2 PRS J Mod …. I built two Dumble style amps one being a rebuild of a D'Lite to a #0102 and converting a Boogie SOB into a Bluesmaster, I was surprised at how much the Bluesmaster PI changed the character of the amp. Other mods I have tried and then put back to standard: Played around with the V2 snubber values. Take a real test of driving crash sim on impossible tracks, jump off from a great speed to land …. But that´s ok, the reissue amp is a fantastic sounding guitar amp, in some cases even better than the original. com Hot rodded Blackface Bassman”. Come learn about, share, and drool over awesome tube amplification projects. For those paying attention, Not shown is a 67 Bassman …. Sound types : Clean, Crunch low, Crunch high, High gain. I also have a few questions about some specific mods that I found for the preamp. Here is the beginning of the end of our firmest knowledge of Dumble’s biography. DUMBLE ODS DELUXE REVERB MORGAN AC-20 FRIEDMAN BE-100 FENDER TREMOLO JCM MOD SILVER JUBILEE This preset is a mix of a '59 Fender Tweed Bassman and a '65 Blackface Bassman …. 1965 Gibson Skylark I was a bit disappointed, but knew, or hoped, the story would be different through my 6L6 based bassman…. I'm more of a Trainwreck person. 2018年11月23日(金) 08時21分52秒 テーマ:アンプリファイヤーブログ. I’ve used it with pleasing results in 3 amps now. Dumble Overdrive Special, Overdrive Deluxe \u0026 Modded Fender Bassman Fender Bassman …. Amp-Aid is dedicated to making amplifiers work and sound better. Here is some technical stuff that has been useful to me. Install the terminal strip in a comfortable location between tube positions V1 and V2. 15 weeks* Weight: 15 kg per CH / MOD -Series Jensen Neodym Jet-Series P-Series AlNiCo ToneSpeak Flex-Back ® und Dumble …. Você pode "Dumbleizar" um amp Fender ao ponto dele entregar o som Dumble? Seria uma escolha. the later blackface January 1965 bassman…. Spider V Series Model List. Lovepedal Super Six “Stevie” Mod. The story is illustrated with hundreds of technical photos, rare machines, catalogs, Read Free Fender Bassman 100 User Guide the top ten amp-tone tips, (changing preamp and tone arrangement—not a permanent, destructive mod…. D-Show Master Fender DUAL SHOWMAN J. D Boutique #1 with light slapback – modeled after Dumble Overdrive Special Clean A Rectified #2 modeled after 1995 Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Head B Modern Hi Gain #2 modeled after 1989 Soldano SLO Super Lead Overdrive C Boutique #2 – modeled after Dumble …. Robben Ford uses or used one, Larry Carlton too. Home Page of Marsh Amplification LLC, Tube Amplifier Kits, Amp parts, Electronic components, Tubes, Transformers, …. 右上からAquaPuss,Neo instruments Ventilator, strymon Flint, Keeley Katana. This is my personal favorite of all the "Dumble" amps we have done! (Or maybe tied with the String Singer)…. com! This is an awesome page about fender bassman at MyRareGuitars. May 22, 2019 00:58 by Stefan Karlsson. The Bassman UP amp has both a low gain and a high gain channel. AB165 to AA864 Conversion: This is the Bassman version of the ‘blackface mod’! The AB165 Bassman has it’s own wacky phase inverter, bias circuit and output section. – Fender Bassman Reissue Stevie had used a couple of Bassman …. 4•1 These presets, or “channels”, store a variety of complete amp-and-effect …. Kustom Defender 5H Mod All Tube Guitar Amp. A legendary processor for guitar, bass and vocal. New Listing ADA MP-1 guitar preamp W/ 3TM mod…. 002uF drains your highs to ground. They where Cesar Diaz modded Vibroverbs, and some of the mods included solid state rectifiers, disconnected normal channel and vibrato functions (provides more gain), Bassman …. The Ultra Phonix mod is known to produce more gain and more depth and breathe compared to the unmodified donor amp. It sounds to me like a Fender amp, probably a Twin or Bassman …. The Bass channel becomes an overdrive channel with this mod that has a massive range of gaineverywhere from sweet low gain, singing Dumble tones, to fire-breathing Marshall. I have a Fender Bassman 100 en route that I bought. Buy Fender Bassman 59 LTD reissue in Singapore,Singapore. The philosophy of the UP mods is, as the …. This is my personal favorite of all the “Dumble” amps we have done! (Or maybe tied with the String Singer)…. He bought it trashed, replaced the speakers (w/120 watt QSL woofers), re-tubed, sat the bias (it's been "blackfaced", so it does have a real bias knob in it). Larry Thomas knew how much Alexander Dumble revered Leo Fender and his designs. 05 ODS 50 - Dumble ODS 50 HRM 06 J. On the other end of the cleanish/dirty spectrum, Zakk Wylde has always been all-EVM all the time. Use a bare piece of wire, or move the. « Reply #10 on: March 15, 2018, 10:29:16 am ». Corey Congilio’s Two Favorite Fuzz Lovepedal Super Six “Stevie” Mod …. Try turning down the volume on your guitar. mrkmas":1z2g1bgo said: Here is the Pete Thorn review of it. Back in 2019, Forman brought Dumble a 1966 Fender Vibrolux for his two most popular mods…. Dumble ODS 50 HRM Fender Bassman Vox AC30 Teisco Checkmate20 Two Rock Studio Pro 50 Fender ’57 Custom Deluxe Marshall Super Lead 100 Marshall JTM45 Fender Deluxe Reverb MOD…. Inspired by Fender Bassman Pre Amp DOOM! Coming Soon. The Vibrolux is quite similar to the Pro Reverb 2×12″ except for the smaller speakers, output transformer and power transformer. In the one-person operation, Alexander "Howard" Dumble made each amp personally. 1960 Tweed Bassman-Hendrix Tone Sound Check #1Fender Bassman 59 - #39 Doctor Guitar A Retweeded 1959 Fender Tweed Bassman - First Sounds Fender Bassman 25 Input Jack Repair The Fender Precision Bass: A Short History The HIGH GAIN FENDER Amp You Didn't Know Existed \u0026 Does NOT Suck Axes \u0026 Artifacts - Dumble …. Mojotone Studio One 1 Watt, 2 Channel Amplifier Kit. such as Dumble Steel String Singer, Fender Super Reverb, Fender Vibroverb, Fender Bassman, among other equipment modified by Cesar Diaz. I am building the front end of the 1997 Humble Overdraft Specimen into my Bassman just for comparison. A modern take on a 2-channels 4-modes Plexi Mod (144 Rigs) SEE FULL RIG LIST. What is Marshall Tone Stack Mods. - Dumble style amps (at least the clean section; some clones that follow the Dumble HRM schematic have a tone stack in the OD section too but it …. I have been looking for a bassman since i heard a guy use a 4x10 There is a Dumble mod to change the tone stack and another one to to . The "gain" switch unloads the power to the tremolo tube giving the other preamp tubes added gain, similar to one of the mods …. Here, Simon Law examines the Overdrive Special, with some help from his friend and colleague Robben Ford…. We suggest you try the mod list with no filter applied, to browse all available. Re: Dumble mods for Fender Bassman 50???? Post by martin manning » Thu Sep 26, 2013 11:17 am The relay in the Skyliner tone stack is for the pre-amp boost (PAB), which is a kind of tone stack lift. TTC Combo Bassman 1X12 Blackface. sounding like the old, most sought after 5F6A Bassman version with the 4x10" speaker open cabinet. Experiment options,since different amp/cab combinations can give very different results, youmay get bestsound unusualcombination …. On the other hand it excels though Marshall style amps. I've heard the bassman sound demo posted by Tubenit ( thanks buddy )and must admit it sounds like a Marshall,,,,,or rather the opposite ( …. Fender Tone Master Deluxe How A Tube Works The BEST Mod for your Vintage Amplifier Building A Dumble Overdrive Special 102 Style Guitar Amp From Start to Finish fender 30 schem, fender 57 twin amp guitar amplifier schematic, fender 59 bassman guitar amplifier schematic, fender 59 bassman …. The increased mids give the amp a much fuller tone. Onboard are also more than 15 amp models and 40-plus effects, featuring stellar compression and EQ effects, reverbs, delays, octave effects, and a cool 60-second looper, great for practice and songwriting. One of the secret weapons in his tone is a Roland RE-201 Space Echo between his Gretsch guitar and two blonde Fender Bassman amps. It would be nice if an Fender Bassman 1963 will be added with a …. Convert a Band-Master Head into a Vibrolux, Tremolux, Pro, Concert or Reverbless Vibroverb or Super Reverb. I guess we all experienced the same as you have - a new dumble clone amp sound very harsh and unforgiving. I played through a clone of an Overdrive Special and in the voicing switched to Rock position it definitely sounded more mid pushed and trebly than I would like. I ended up posting it to facebook marketplace earlier today as a feeler and the first person to message me offers a 66 bassman …. Drop the first gain stage and you have the normal Blues Deluxe amp. Read PDF Fender Bassman 60 Guide Overdrive Special, Overdrive Deluxe \u0026 Modded Fender Bassman Fender Bassman …. E S B p o 9 n s 3 o Q 5 r e d V Z E. Answer (1 of 18): best is not word that really belongs in the music gear vocabulary. 90s ROLAND orange cube 40 + Dumble …. Bassman AB165 to AA864 Blackface Mod Kit. Download, create and share patches for all Marshall CODE amplifiers. This is my favorite and most useful 5F6A mod, a three-way SPDT ON/OFF/ON mini …. Here we go, from left to right starting at the top: JFM45: JTM45 Z-Rx: Dr. Please look over the schematic, the BOM, the Footprint Dimensions Drawing with mounting …. I have a 70's silverface bass amp, bassman 50 wit5h 2 6l6 power tubes, and wondering if this amp can be modded the use as a better sounding guitar amp as this amp doesn't even have a mid control [I'm assuming one would have to be added]. Also add a 500pF or 750pF cap in parallel with the one 220k resistor that is beside the 0. I think you could get Fenderish cleans and still have a mid-boost switch and a PAB switch that would head you into Dumblish overdrive tones. 151 Recto 2 Red Mod/Vntg 152 Recto 2 Orange HGSP 153 Recto 2 Orange Mod/Vntg 154 FAS Modern HGSP 305 Bassman 1959 clean 306 Bogner Shiva clean 307 Shiva clean TM 1 308 Hiwatt DR103 clean 490 Dumble Lead 491 Dumble and Dumbler 492 Fat Dumble 493 Dumble Lead 2 494 Dumble …. Den skulle efter sigende lyde som en Dumble-forstærkers overdrive. Marshall Plexi/Bassmanの回路と同じに見える」とのことです。. This Champ ’57 Reissue from the Fender Custom Shop lists at $1295 with a street price of $999! This for a 5 Watt amp with a diminutive 8″ …. Collect coins along the way to buy power-ups and accessories. The Blackstars are usually priced below $200 so that's pretty fair for the range of quality tones they produce. In this video I show the schematic and layout of the dumble #124 I'm going to build inside the chassis of a Fender Bassman 100. Pre-amp Black Sun of Doom € 11. The regular 50-watt model remained available during the short (1969-1971) tenure of the Super Bassman. com/subscription_center?add_user=kleydj13. The Cut Control is shown on a 5F6A but the mod is identical on a 5E3. I think Dumble makes a nice smurf sandwich and on top of the. I have brought him some of the best in the world–my ’77 Dumble Overdrive, ’64 Fender Deluxe Reverb, and ’59 Bassman. That may have been a sidebar or part of the Browne article. The Mark series started as Fender Princeton amp mods. 10 reviews; Omega Amps Voicemaster 112 Combo. Axechange - Fractal Audio Systems. Howard Dumble added a phase inverter balance control to his Tweedle Dee tweed Deluxe amplifier. また、マーシャルの初期モデルは、このBassmanを元に改造されたものだったことも有名で、ある意味、最も影響力のあるギターアンプと言えるかもしれ . ランドール・スミス氏(MESAの創業者)が69年終り頃か70年にプルーンミュージックに居た時にグレッグ氏の為に改造したものとあり、FENDERのBASSMANというアンプの回路 . Convert a Band-Master Head into a Vibrolux, Tremolux, Pro, Concert or Reverbless Vibroverb or Super Reverb Convert a 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue to a 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Speaker Suggestions. The cleans are really nice and full and the OD is amazing. 00 – SOLD! Fargen Custom Shop 30 Watt 5E3 Tweed Deluxe meets Brownface deluxe…. 047uF capacitor over to the plate side of the 100K plate-load resistor. Bassman Mods 14 August 2015 25 August 2015 Tone-Lizard 0 Comment Fender, Modifications. The Dumble Overdrive Special is a sort of holy-grail amp. Tube Guitar Amp mods/builds/repairs $1 (Austin) hide this posting restore restore this posting. I can attest to the quality of his work as …. Also Collector's Choice models and signature/artist models that recreate a specific vintage Les Paul …. The VRM (Voltage Regulation Module) is designed to control the power level of your Cathode Biased amp …. Re: Bassman AB165 unused triod / extra od stage mod? « Reply #12 on: March 27, 2021, 07:57:29 am » If i would change the 470pF to 0. by sonicmojo » Sun Aug 09, 2015 2:33 am. Este overdrive é na linha de overdrives low gain na pegada Klon centaur, Boss bassman, fender deluxe ou até mesmo dumble. Altec 342b mic amp mod Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo. Polytone Preamp Mega Brute & Mini Brutes I – Iv (1) Polytone V1b …. I dunno about the "dumble" mod, but if you have a decent stock vintage or semi-vintage amp, I would say don't mod it. Telecharger Bassman - Single ou regarder Bassman - Single en streaming sur Zone Annuaire. The 5E3 Deluxe and 5F6-A Bassman …. I love the feel of a tube rectifier and love the tone of a Fender Bassman so this is the perfect amp for me. 047uF 400v+ cap connect the preamp grid and plate together to form a local negative feedback loop. I spied the same carbon comp avacado part in my amp that I did in Epstein's Bassman…. 最高の品質の Fender(フェンダー)のFender Bassman Classic BMC/B115CE(ベースアンプ)が通販できます。★現在値下げ中ですのでお早めに!(1/31まで).