bruno madrigal x reader hurt. Bruno sighed, sweeping the sand up with his hands, gathering it into a small pile to the side of where he was sitting. Pepa Madrigal x female!reader 'You only wanted to protect Bruno, but that leaves you with a very angry, very scared Pepa Madrigal. bixtch — camilo madrigal x gn reader in a modern highschool. bruno madrigal encanto bruno Bruno Madrigal x Reader xReader 18+. The person that appears take you both off guard though. * Will just kinda… cling onto u and let his legs dangle. Summary: Scarred Male!Reader is found injured outside the Encanto and the Madrigals take him in to help him heal. i take requests + talk to fellow readers + share theories and ideas !! it wouldn't hurt to just tell carlos to back off for a second" #camilo #camilo imagine #camilo headcanons #camilo fluff #camilo madrigal #camilo x reader #camilo supremacy #camilo madrigal x reader #camilo x y/n #camilo x you #. He turned to run out the room, legs unsteady in his hurry. Bruno Madrigal x tall!fem!reader headcanons. A Long Lost Friend | Bruno Madriga by <3. If you’re not okay with it- let me know”. IF YOU ARENT IN THE POPER HEADSPACE DO NOT READ THIS! I WROTE THIS FOR THE WRONG NUMBER! IM SO SORRY! THE FIRST PERSON THAT REQUESTED NUMBER 20: YOURS WILL STILL BE WRITTEN!. It was the only way for to show her worth and her role in the Family Madrigal. Characters: (Bruno x fem! reader) the rest of the madrigal family; Subject: Breeding kink, a lot of Fluff, light mention of sex in a playful tone. “And…” he rubbed his neck, “I have seen you…when you came out of the bathroom once. ⤷ warnings - slight angst, hurt/comfort. Hiii, i saw that your requests are open and I was wondering if you could do a madrigal family x fem reader, where the reader cast out like bruno but worse so disappeared but when she back she wants revenge after she hears the family all happy again and you can choose the ending. 7k+ A/N: I hope this series doesn't flop, considering the Camilo Madrigal x Reader tag is going down. reader insert x reader imagine pepa madrigal pepa x reader pepa madrigal x reader pepa madrigal preference encanto encanto. This’ll start before Mirabel finds the vision and Casita falls apart, the morning after Antonio’s gift ceremony and through out the whole movie. cross-posted on ao3!! —— "camilo, your boyfriend's here!". Magic has many primal sources, and the candle isn't one of them. Side Note: Don't get me wrong I know a lot. Learning a new language with Bruno. Your father told me he planted a new tree and wanted a vision of how it would grow. Pairing: Pepa Madrigal x Fem!Reader x Felix Madrigal. He grinded a little and you loved the friction between you. the family is not happy with bruno's choices. You were only 3 years old when Bruno adopted you. Giving bruno a blow*ob surprise. You always thought he exaggerated your talent, scoffing at his jokes and pushing him away playfully. Feeling that he should've been around more to prevent this. Relationships: Luisa Madrigal/Reader, Bruno Madrigal/Reader, Camilo Madrigal/Reader, Isabela Madrigal/Reader, Mirabel Madrigal/Reader, Pepa Madrigal/Reader, Dolores Madrigal/Reader; Additional Tags: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Family, Romance, Will Add More Later. A little something for all my Bruno fans as an apology for being taking so. Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or . this has SO much angst potential but i have a heart and it's fragile so i won't delve too deep into that oh god this was a delight to imagine but an absolute pain to write not dolores having the time of her life with this love story lmao there is a lot of timeskips big ones too whew yeah no wonder this was exhausting how did it get over 2. Especially Bruno and Abuela Alma. #he can live in my walls tho #xreaders #bruno madrigal #bruno madrigal x reader #bruno x reader #encanto #encanto fanfic #encanto x reader #bruno x oc More you might like uh hello i have many random oneshots of loads of ppl in my drafts but i’ve never posted them so uh. Reader is Mariano Guzman’s older sister who was engaged at birth to a family friend’s son. anyway here’s a bruno x reader that probably isn’t the best :). That happened in movies, right? Then again, you were in the middle of the Columbian jungle. Making Christmas Cookies - Loki x Reader. Bruno Madrigal x Pregnant!Reader Requested: @ryukyshinigami25 A/N: This is my first HC, so bear with me. Chapter 3: Paradise or Prison? Notes: A/N - Hey, I'm really glad that this has taken off so well. Camilo Madrigal X Bruno Madrigal. You loved them more than anything in this world. Bruno doesn't really show it, but deep down, he'd be hurt. (Don't Stand So Close To Me (18+) (Part 9) Teacher!Bruno Madrigal x Student!Fem!Reader. See a recent post on Tumblr from @no-saving-me-now about bruno madrigal x reader. Constantly under scrutinizing gaze and murmurs, one would think you would cave under the pressure. Superstitions (Bruno x Reader)"Prompt: You have always had bad anxiety, worrying about the future. Much to everyones suprise, Pepa and Felix had another child after Antonio. Bruno gave a small smile and breathed heavily, that’s what most people said before something bad happened. A loud shot sounded off, shocking Bruno and stunning his ears all before pain coursed through his side. Failing, he escapes and Pepa is naturally suspicious. A/N: You didn't specify anything about the gender so I made it neutral. Ace of Hearts – Bruno Madrigal x F Reader – Chapter 10. Part 2 of Reader x Adult Madrigals. So you forced him by threatening him to burn his books and tell Thor that he needed a much needed hug. Y/N giggled and lifted Bruno’s chin. financial education startup 1 second ago 0. > pepa madrigal x fem!reader > julieta madrigal x fem!reader > warnings: none, i think… > the triplets are in their twenties. M!reader x Bruno Madrigal {Completed}. - Do you want to tell me what goes through this tender little head you have?- He kissed your forehead- You are unusually quiet…. he goes to live in the walls for 10 years folks it's weird territory. " "Si, I remember that day too," you say. Bruno Madrigal is the deuteragonist of Disney's 2021 animated movie, Encanto. Maybe you had gone mad and someone had tied you up so you wouldn't hurt yourself. Damn — Encanto Masterlist:. Bruno: There we go, just a little pinch. No matter how hurt you are he would immediately take you to Julieta. It could not have happened yesterday, when everyone was available but today. It was late at night in the encanto and everyone was fast asleep, well, all except for one person at casa Madrigal. Warnings: bad boy reader ⛓略, wholesome Bruno, fluff, idk how to start fanfics, arguing. Camilo x GR Reader hurt/comfort headcanons. Even if its to your niece’s best friend who is half your age. I myself do not have Tourette's but I described how my friends tics get. In which the Madrigal Family is in a state of chaos when Tio Bruno sees a vision of you getting (supposedly) hurt. He convinced himself that he does just fine on his own, but deep down his loneliness feeds on his soul. I believe as a regressor, Bruno would somehow be ten times more shy than he already is. confused? Like, Bruno was such a sweet, funny, lovable person and you were. Bruno Madrigal & Julieta Madrigal & Pepa Madrigal (495) Bruno Madrigal & Everyone (431) Bruno Madrigal/Camilo Madrigal (420) Bruno Madrigal/Mirabel Madrigal (412) Camilo Madrigal & Mirabel Madrigal (354) Include Additional Tags Fluff (1612) Angst (1583) Hurt/Comfort (1202) Bruno Madrigal Needs a Hug (1160) Not Beta Read (882) Incest (797). "Will my gift… hurt the familia?" You asked, in which he sighed and pulled you onto his lap. Add to library 590 Discussion 77 Suggest tags. - But it can also be because you want to perform/show off, or just have a good time. I’m sorry I’m just obsessed with the concept of big scary boss with adorable baby. He turns over, hiding his head under his flat pillow. 2010 scion tc headlight bulb size bruno madrigal x pregnant reader. Sorry for all the cuts as well, I just wanted to show Y/n would care for the family in the absence of Bruno. Now, ten years later, he is back. Her father died when she was five years old. You had been very young and you mostly recall the nice music and playing with your friends. The clothes you both wore had always been the barrier between the unknown, and just by slipping your hand underneath the fabric, you had posed an interesting question; where was this going?. His eyes still closed, he brings a hand to your free one, holding it firmly. Soon he saw you, curled up, laying in the dirt. he loves to just wrap you in his arms and have you rest on his chest. Bruno Madrigal x reader headcannons (18+) after being in the walls for so long hes become touched starved. It is just a small little sneak peak for yall. Bruno Madrigal x Son! Male Reader - PLATONIC Plot: M/n is tired of holding back all his feelings for years and finally snaps. 10 Movies That Defined Generation X. Fanfiction Bruno Madrigal X Reader Bruno Madrigal Reader Abuela You were apart of a traveling troupe of entertainers. ' TW: physical violence, blades, mention of Amal injury, swearing A/N: Reader and triplets in their very early twenties, with the reader being childhood best friend with the triplets. Encanto Masterlist: Camilo Madrigal: We're Powerful Too: Where you are a 15 year old who can manipulate the earth and wind. Bruno looked down at their feet and copied Y/N’s steps. (A Bruno x FEM!Reader story)(word count: 1332) chapter 0 here! THE DAY CAN WAIT - CHAPTER 5Days has gone by faster than Y/N had thought. ~ Bruno held the box of sweets and on top of it was the pouch. Lady Luck ⤷ pairing - bruno madrigal x (gn) reader ⤷ fandom - encanto ⤷ warnings - alcohol, drinking ⤷ summary - there are rumours in your local bar- a fortune-teller who will read your prophecy. If there's anything else lemme know. The grandkids were sitting in a circle in. You banged hard on the big bright door, which opened in the hands of Luisa, who looked at you worried about your haste. Someone loved him enough to carry his child. Bruno made it abundantly clear that the same could be said for himself. Waiting anxiously for your future love to join you in the sands. Summary: A miracle once again happen for the Familia Madrigal. But they sometime forget that she's only 19 and that having strengh doesn't mean being able to handle. From wringing his hands together, or looking over his shoulder, the young boy seemed nervous around others besides his twin sisters. Raising children was difficult. Your family owns an orchard and it is your responsibility to deliver the orders. Luckily, the fortune teller was welcomed with open arms without hesitation. He glances into your eyes, “Look, when I say this just hear me out. You decided to make Christmas cookies and forced Loki to help. On the one hand, Camilo spent more time with your nephews, chatting, learning about tastes and identities, and playing the pranks of bored teenagers. ⤷ summary - everyone else seems ready to forgive and . ~•Bruno Madrigal x Sick/Injured Reader•~ If we are talking a situation where he can't get Julieta to heal you, then let's just say that Our Boi is very prone to panicking. So along the way to help with your anxiety you picked up some superstitions to keep you safe. After Julieta and Pepa married, Bruno was next in line to find a spouse, however with his current reputation it’s already hard enough to find someone within the Encanto to marry, and that’s without even taking into consideration if he is attracted to the other person. • Would absolutely refuse and never budge on the point of telling your future. Originally posted by goldenkamuylover. Works; Bookmarks; Filters; RSS Feed. Ace of Hearts – Bruno Madrigal x F Reader – Chapter 11. Pairing : Aged down!Bruno x fem!reader. One day, you decided to venture out, wanting to pick some fruit to surprise your boyfriend. Bruno Madrigal X Reader - Heart's Refuge writeyouin. That you had two little reminders of him running around hurt a part of you. Warnings; Emotional Pepa, minor fighting, injuries. Art by jorablyatt on Twitter! Aaaaaaaaa people know what they want ig! Dw I am also tall af (not 5’9 doe) so I will do this justice <333. - Or also romantic, giving your love through your eyes. x bruno madrigal x bruno madrigal x reader x encanto bruno x bruno encanto x Encanto x disney encanto x bruno hcs x bruno madrigal imagines x anon x anonymous x future love HCs x my post x written on mobile so i apologize if the formatting is janky x mobile x did I once again write a bullet pointed drabble ? x yes. I hope it's what you had in mind <3. The Casita, destined to be destroyed all because of Mirabel and her lack of a gift. ⤷ summary - work has isolated you and camilo from each other, and as tensions grow, there is only one way to deal with the stress: cuddles. } Summary: You spot Bruno and follow him. You're gonna hurt Dolores's eardrums. He blinked, grinning sheepishly. #camilo madrigal #julieta madrigal #pepa madrigal #bruno madrigal #agustín madrigal #fèlix madrigal #isabela madrigal #dolores pairings : camilo x gn!reader. 3K 473 12 Camilo Madrigal x Reader Your family (the Muñzos) knows the Madrigals and due to your sister Mariana getting a gift you have to visit them. - You had fell down the long long "stair case" and you would wake up. The reader is a quiet inventor who ends up in an ‘arrangement’ with Bruno Madrigal, the only son of the infamous Madrigals. - Wait…- Bruno took it from your hand, having an idea. General Headcanons about bruno madrigal. Originally posted by ambidextrous-space-samurai "Hey there!" Pepa jumped when she heard the door open and a voice call her. Place a hand on his cheek, he leans into you, a trickle of water falls onto your thumb. If it gets more aggressive then shelves or chairs would start trembling then it's like a whole tornado of objects around. Originally posted by theimaginariemuse { I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. yandere bruno madrigal x reader. " she looked into her twin's round brown eyes in. Summary: ten years ago your husband, Bruno left the familia Madrigal. It is a fanfiction meant to be full of one shots where the reader bonds romantically or platonically with the family members of the Madrigals! This chapter is just to introduce the concept of the fanfiction and to clear up with you, the reader, what to look forward to. He’d be too afraid that what he saw would push you away from him. You remembered the first time that you heard of the magic and the magical family that was the Madrigals. Neither of them knew how it hurt Julieta see you give the 15-year old Bruno a chance and for her, silence. pittsburg county jail inmate search. Bruno looks shocked as his hand runs over the cloth and begins to cry. Inspired by the rumors, Camelia Salano decided to throw caution to the wind and braved the dangers of the unknown that lay outside the protective mountains of Encanto. But considering your condition – your very much pregnant condition – you declined. Abuela was unpleasant knowing her son adopte. warning: angst :(Originally posted by loki-hargreeves. The little girl jumps on his back, losing balance and landing right beside him, where Bruno reaches out his arms and grabs her before she Is able to tumble off and hurt herself, pulling her into an embrace. "Tío bruno?" You questioned, looking up to meet his tired features. he gets giddy when he talks about you to his family. encanto 2021 encanto bruno madrigal encanto bruno encanto brainrot bruno madrigal x reader encanto x reader encanto bruno x reader bruno madrigal x oc. You just happen to be a big fan of his who's doing their laundry while a telenovela plays in the background. An awkward conversation of procreation follows. MADRIGAL FAMILY X FAMILY FEM!READER. That happened in movies, right? Then again, you were in the . I tried not to cry because of the thought that Bruno and his neice may be injured. Bruno Madrigal x reader headcannons (18+) Originally posted by brunos-bucket-of-sand. bixtch — hello how are you, hope you are well. pairing - bruno madrigal x (gn) reader. "You turn me on uncontrollably. He won’t want to go outside or even leave the room at all. Yet neither of them heard the sound of Julieta’s heart breaking as she danced with Agustin. alone with you ↑ pepa doesn’t really get valentines day but thats okay because the reader is always with her. Your family has just moved and the Madrigal family is suspicious but fin out you are like them and help you get situated. ~"She haunts memy mind, my body, my visions, everything"~ Bruno Madrigal, after returning to his family after 10 years, struggles with his strange infatuati Bruno has a littletoo much interest in a gender neutral reader. I need bruno madrigal x reader fics. ‘did it happen again, dear?’ he soothed, his arm looped around you starting to slowly rub your back. Bruno: Camilo, wakey wakey, it's time to get your Covid Vaccine! Camilo: Ugh, ok, let me wake up. Soon enough the two were in rhythm with the music. JDHSJSB AWWW THIS IS SO CUTE😭😭 CANON ASF. Isabela throwing her head into Y/N's lap: Tell me I'm pretty! Y/N, lovingly stroking her hair: You're pretty fucking annoying, that's what you are. > bruno madrigal x fem!reader (platonic) > warnings: none > pepa and bruno are in their 20s here. Camilo often joked about how you had a gift, as you were good at sneaking around houses without anyone realizing. He stroked your head as if he put any more pressure he would hurt. Ace of Hearts – Bruno Madrigal x F Reader – Chapter 9. Word Count: 1100+ --- M/n was already exhausted, both. worst tornado in michigan; python flock context manager; Menu. It was going to be an especially busy day for them, but especially for you, since it was the day to shear your dozen alpacas. So you gave him an idea the night before as you two cuddled together. Warnings: None:) Synopsis: Y/N joins the Madrigal grandkids’ game of truth or dare. Originally posted by theimaginariemuse. Crash and Burn (Camilo Madrigal x Teenager! Reader) Summary; Reader gets caught in the Casita crumbling and Camilo worries for her safety, putting himself at risk. Bruno sees you for the first time. He started to view the future and y/n gasped at the beauty of the sand storm mixed with jade she was in the center of. The two brothers were there, attending the animals. Here's where the questions go Follow. Inside the tower of casita, Bruno was tossing and turning in his sleep as he kept going back to the day his sister Julieta had married her. bixtch — hello, can u do a camilo madrigal x gn reader. Turning around, she saw you grinning and waving at her. Imagine anxious!Luisa Madrigal x Reader. Casita isn't the only magic in the world. The reader is a famous thief in Encanto. you’re ready to pay a pretty penny to meet him, only to find he’s a bit of a dime himself. Toggle navigation star wars: outer rim game mat Luis. Proud - You've never been to a Madrigal's gift ceremony before because of your anxiety. There truly was nothing that you wouldn't do for them, to protect them. - It's kinda his top priority really. Bruno would definitely freak out. Good Afternoon, would you please write some Bruno Madrigal x reader headcanons for when reader gets sick or injured? Thank you! (Good Afternoon! Of course!. -Once Mirabel, and Camilo realized how bad it was. Loki soon arrived in the forest and followed to sobs. Summary: After making the strawberry shortcake, they are left all dirty so while Bruno goes to have a shower, reader wants to join Warnings: Smut, swearing, Age gap, inappropriate thoughts, teacher/student (STUDENT IS OF AGE), sir kink, Papi/daddy kink, praise kink. An Hour and a Half ⤷ pairing - camilo madrigal x (gn) reader ⤷ fandom - encanto ⤷ warnings - slight angst, hurt/comfort ⤷ summary - work has isolated you and camilo from each other, and as tensions grow, there is only one way to deal with the stress: cuddles. reader has a secret Modern AU Church setting Catholic Guilt Catholicism Slow Burn Devout chorister Bruno Madrigal is an upstanding member of his church. You woke up with a head of hair just barely poking out from under the blanket. A gentle nod from you reassures him. His magical gift is precognition. igloo marine ultra 36qt cooler; sectioned annihilated Alternar menú. " Julieta's twin, none other than Pepa is already stood next to her while handing a single bunuelo. When Bruno was brought back fully into the casita, things were. Author: Me (alliwriteistrash) Length: 1779 words. The Absence of You ⤷ pairing - bruno madrigal x (gn) reader ⤷ fandom - encanto ⤷ warnings - angst, hurt/little comfort ⤷ summary - everyone else seems ready to forgive and forget, but you can't erase the years of pain. ━━彡☆ a/n:: this fic may be out of context since it was originally made for my original encanto character ( which i may or may not be talking about in the future hehe). Luisa never took real breaks, overworking herself everyday. The reader also begins crying and they embrace and lean back to kiss each other. His chest heaved as he took deep heavy breaths, attempting to calm his racing heart and he was smiling so much his cheeks hurt. You all seemed to really like the last set so I figured I’d share a few various HCs I had that didn’t quite fit the theme of my other post. "But my love, that's exactly what I'm counting on. Camilo said in a very matter of fact tone. When finally having found her disowned uncle Bruno in order to fix Casita, Mirabel cant help but think that he understands her more. Waving, you say goodbye and exit the nook. Your auntie shouted up, smiling at you when she noticed the table had been set. Platonic! Madrigal Family x Reader ⁺♡⤸ home; The Madrigals had been more of a family to you than your own flesh and blood, what happens when your own family wants to take advantage of that? Platonic! Madrigal Family x reader. Plot : You decide to go to Bruno for a vision and it goes surprisingly well despite the news therein being saddening for you. sunflower ↑ the reader tries to ask pepa out but forgets something. You had stayed late to comfort Mirabel when you overheard Abuela Alma and Bruno talking. Turns out he could dance after all. His chest tight and hands fidgeting nervously. Camilo Madrigal & Dolores Madrigal & Isabela Madrigal & Luisa Madrigal & Mirabel Madrigal (170) Bruno Madrigal/Reader (165) Bruno Madrigal/Original Female Character(s) (136) Agustín Madrigal & Julieta Madrigal (136) Include Additional Tags Angst (554) Fluff (541) Bruno Madrigal Needs a Hug (477) Hurt/Comfort (461). He sneaks to the Casita and drops the girl off with his family. Snuggling into the blankets, you soon passed out after. Complex "Abuela" Alma Madrigal. bruno madrigal bruno madrigal x oc bruno madrigal x reader encanto bruno bruno encanto bruno encanto bruno x reader encanto bruno madrigal pepa madrigal disney bruno Madrigal encanto 318 notes Jan 27th, 2022. Even more if you’re open to it- but right. Pairings: Camilo Madrigal x Female reader. It's clear the boy loves the girl, and the girl is shy but returns. Tags: Fluff, Madrigal grandkids bonding, Camilo being a prankster, flustered Bruno. Dancing with Camilo Madrigal : - Camilo loves dancing with you. Work Search: tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title. Camilo with a none binary reader. • Bruno’s vision ends quickly after his appearance in it. summary : in a world where your soulmate has the same temporary markings it's still hard to find yours carlos accidentally turns into a goldfish in fear of. And unfortunately, the only one who knew how to use those strange devilish scissors. encanto isabela madrigal isabela madrigal x reader isabela x reader. Sure, they invited you to join them, after all you were the wife of the oldest Madrigal son Bruno. Madrigal Family x Child!reader. Requested: No [Word Count: 1,649] CW: mention of liquor/drunks, fight implied, broken bone. The Madrigals entered a haven that held something else, and so (Bruno Madrigal x Reader) A young Bruno, constantly chastised for his gift, seeks comfort in someone that lives a mile away from Encanto. ⤷ pairing - camilo madrigal x (gn) reader. You and Dolores try to help him. Warnings : Foul language, doubtfulness. Its been ten years since Bruno disappeared from his family and all of Encanto it seemed. Bjorn growled a little as his lips returned to your ear. Accidentally in Love - Bruno x M!Reader. Originally posted by the-wolfbats. Fics ‘n’ Stuff — Dance with me (Bruno Madrigal x Reader). Chưa có sản phẩm trong giỏ hàng. Soon you stood up and went over to a tree, Loki focused his eyes on the tree you went over and widened his eyes in shock. “You know kid, you had me, and then in the end you made me feel not good. - There's always a lot of laughter between you two, him being quite goofy some time. Inspiration: All sentences here are sentences I really said during my Depression period, in some way is my present Me trying to reconcile with my past Me. Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 including in summaries, notes and tags, will be accessible . "Mieeeeeeeercoles" Pepa whispered. spartan school fees structure Alternar menú. - While going on an "adventure" of Mirabels tío Bruno's tower (Your father), and you got hurt bad really bad. Note: I am an ANGST LOVER So, get ready :) Warning: Character death, Death, Earthquakes. Ace of Hearts – Bruno Madrigal x F Reader – Chapter 3. Warning: Abuela being mean about Bruno. While on the road you heard all sorts of rumors. #encanto #bruno madrigal #bruno madrigal x reader #disney encanto. Bruno is the uncle of main character Mirabel Madrigal and only son of Abuela. Ace of Hearts – Bruno Madrigal x F Reader – Chapter 8. (A Bruno x FEM!Reader story)(word count: 1988) warning: sad and stressed Bruno :c chapter 0 here! A BREAK FROM CHAOS - CHAPTER 2The music has stopped hours ago, the town. Just this once, atleast stop the blood. “You are my wife,” he continued. Plot: You want to visit your boyfriend and it turns out he has a depression attack. You walk along the path to the large house of the Madrigals. Her favorite spot in the village was the river that f. A lot of people rely on her, physically and emotionally. From friends to lovers with Bruno and male reader. A man of faith, an author, a playwright and a beloved uncle. John Leguizamo, Bruno's voice actor, describes his character: "Well. Since it was the first time in years he was able to see him face to face. Originally posted by cacklingseahag. Bruno Madrigal x Reader || Various HCs. Bruno finds out and looks very disrespectfully. he sighed, moving your arm and kissing your forehead. #Bruno madrigal x reader on Tumblr. Now, it wasn't that you hated your children. You overheard him doing this one day and you thought it was adorable. A Future With you (Bruno Madrigal x Reader) HyenaPark. Pairing: gn!Reader x Bruno Madrigal. The day of the "clash" is today a. Needless to say, this duo became another one of the the towns pride and joy, even though Y/n was giftless. Regarde du contenu populaire des créateurs suivants : Bruno madrigal . Bruno and Camilo approached the alpaca stable, after several days. He only stole food and valuable things from people and gained money through little jobs. Even though you're not sure you saw Bruno that day. "You hurt your ankle dancing and Julieta gave you some of her carimañolas. He sits up and intertwines your fingers, his heart beating through his chest. Originally posted by loki-hargreeves. Deep breath in, deep breath out, knock on the door, pinch of salt thrown over left shoulder with my right hand. You keep going back for visions and to hang out with the Madrigal boy, urging Bruno to develop. When precious Mirabel didn't receive a gift and in return didn't receive respect. You quickly explained her what was happening, begging for the help of Julieta, who appeared opportunely upon hearing the incessant knocking on the door. A series of one-shots/two shots focusing on the Madrigal Family and the reader's wild but self discovering journey with them. He liked that tranquility close to the trees, the nature, especially at that time, already getting dark, with the sounds fading a little. I mentioned that I make an Bruno Madrigal (Encanto) x Male!Reader crossover with another Fandom. That afternoon, you arrived at the Madrigal house, running as fast as your legs would carry you, with your heart in your throat. Crash and Burn (Camilo Madrigal x Teenager! Reader). apex custom tournament; dc-17 blaster template; balochi dress female 2020; scary extinct animals. bruno bruno madrigal bruno my beloved bruno encanto bruno x male reader bruno madrigal x reader bruno madrigal x male reader seme male reader top male reader fanfic fanfiction male reader x male reader male x male encanto disney encanto both hurt. Browse through and read "bruno madrigal x reader" stories and books. but she also knew that there was no person more terrifying than her older sister when someone hurt Brunito. A Long Lost Friend | Bruno Madrigal x reader (with Smut) Fanfiction. pairing: Bruno/(gender neutral)Reader warnings: Slowburn, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, mentions of blood, obsessive behavior/thoughts, panic/anxiety attacks, possible good or bad ending summary: Bruno's curiosity to know if he'd ever find love as a teenager leads him to a vision that shows him a mysterious person he's never met before. Complete, First published Jan 01. ( Bruno Madrigal x Fem!Reader ) • (We don't talk about Bruno. Chapter 3: Madrigal Family/GN! Reader - Heart Flutter she would definitely think twice. A/N: I loved writing this so much! It probably will need another part but that's up to you guys <3 pairing: Bruno Madrigal x fem!reader Warnings: Angst Taglist: @staygoldsquatchling02 You can find. Bruno Madrigal is the deuteragonist of Disney's feature film Encanto. encanto bruno x reader lemonaidan hutchinson mom cancer April 3, 2022 / is onlyjayus in a relationship / in harry styles love on tour t-shirt / by / is onlyjayus in a relationship / in harry styles love on tour t-shirt / by. You forgot how bad your asthma is now that you're in your bed having a coughing fit. Then through the mist she saw images coming together: Her holding her fathers hand on a walk. Ps: The first few parts were flashbacks of how the pregnancy stages happen to Pepa and the other Madrigals, it kinda is written in my usual hc writing style but it will go back to my normal style under. Art by jorablyatt on Twitter! Aaaaaaaaa people know what they want ig! Dw I am also tall af (not 5'9 doe) so I will do this justice <333. I cannot hurt my compadre's son. Discover more posts about bruno madrigal x reader fanfic.