fili x reader masterlist. Masterlist of fics: other Hobbit characters. Bakugou x Reader - Prompts - #106 “Ew, you stink. Whether it’s confronting a rude person, an injustice, or someone you like, it’s always hard. Far From Home (Thorin x Reader) / Part 2 Pinned Post fili thorin fili x reader thorin x reader thorin oakenshield the company of thorin oakenshield the hobbit masterlist updated 6/28/2020 155 notes Jan 25th, 2020. Kili and Fili had been told to take the first. Where you're scared to become a mother before you give birth. Feelings aren't something he wished ever since he became the Blood God. On one side we have a guy who doesn't want to be a babysitter, on the other side we have a woman who wants to get rid of her 'bodyguard' as soon as possible. * silence | Potter!Reader x Sirius Black 1 2. Especially if Fili had kids, that way their kids could grow up together and potentially be best friends. Feasibly, the same argument could be applied for Kili and the reader. Pairing: Legolas x fem!reader Category: Hurt/Comfort Summary: You are Gandalf’s granddaughter. There he stood, looking so handsome. who makes the bed: Legolas would run around the house like a crazy bat and Aragorn would just calmly make the bed. A Trip to Dale (Kili x Reader, rated G) Fern Flower (Kili & gender-neutral!Reader, rated G) The Tunic (Fili x Eiris [OC], rated G) Potato (Fili x Reader, rated T, Firefighter AU) ️Dwalin. Thorin oakenshield x reader lemon. :) In the Eyes of the Fallen - Imagine being part of the Fellowship and Eomer seeing you for the first time after the Battle of Helm’s Deep, finding himself unable to look away from you. About Lotr X Hurt Reader Legolas Get You. Bakugou x Reader - S/O has a bunny mutation quirk. — list of things I write. Archive Masterlist Thorin Oakenshield X Reader- - Melod y - Melody Part 2 - Balance - Like This Forever Fili X Reader- Fili Files Chapter 1 - Little Lion Man (On Hiatus) Bilbo Baggins X Reader- - Intuition - She Loves Me Not Pippin (Peregrin Took) X Reader- - Making A Mess Thranduil X Reader- - I Won’t Say I’m in Love - Nothing Without You - Vows. When he holds them for the first time, there's a look of sure pure love and adoration that you know the child will be loved and cared for. Image description: it’s a two versions of the same drawing of Cade Bane. A/N: Sorry it was a bit short!. I've been a born-again Christian since late childhood, and a Southern Baptist by denomination since I was in the 7th grade. James Bond (Daniel Craig era): James Bond. BTS Reaction | you being much younger than them but of age. Easy and free screen recorder for Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks. Imagine playing Monopoly with the Company. Luckily, a gorgeous woman stands amidst the crowd that doesn't care about the length of his beard. As if Kíli heard the words, his arms squeezed (Y/N) further and a foot shot through her legs, tangling with her own feet. closing your eyes and furrowing your eyebrows, you stopped taking down a picture from our board and doubled over waiting for the cramp to pass, frozen in a painful state. Snow crunched under Fili's boots and he couldn't help but sigh heavily. You let the water surround you, consume you, fill you from inside-out and let your eyes fall close. Obnoxious Interrupter – Kili x OC – Kili gets to see a bit more than he anticipated when waking up the OC. Mind the tags and ratings, and be sure to kudos/comment/subscribe to any works you've enjoyed! Thank you so much for your support and happy reading! All fic tags are attached to this post!. Was the reply you received from inside, and you rolled your eyes, before turning the knob and pushing the door open, poking your head around the corner. As most of you have found me due to my two hobbit series, Cloaked in Green and Mahal's Gift. It’s just I want both OC’s to have their own personalities. What Was That For? Finch x reader. The only way you'd know he was jealous was through the dangerous and possessive glint in his eyes. "You cannot get your revenge now," Blu sasses to Fili and Kili. You are loved- Bruce Wayne x Reader Imagine (emergency ask) Batboys call Batmom "mom" for the first time Imagine. Summary: Part 7 of Lofn Series (Prev parts: 1, 2, 3,4,5,6) Anders leaves you alone while he tends to business during. Sadly, the older of the two has more luck wooing the ladies as the younger is faced with insults about his appearance. Writings from the Wood — Battlefield Confessions. Bakugou x Reader - Prompts - #155 “You can fight me. Summary: Katsuki wouldn’t join you in the snow so you. Lucifer was standing with his back to you, something upon the shelf having caught his interest. Okay so here is Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit X Readers. Medical Kink Prussia x Reader NSFW. Not a chance of becoming roadkill this time around. Engrossed (Fili x OC) Shoulder Kisses (Bofur x OC) Enchanting (Bofur x OC) A Strong and Determined Little Thing (Bofur x OC) Never Let Go (Bofur x OC) Didn't Think I'd Get This Far (Fili x Tullaina, written for @guardianofrivendell 's birthday!) Reader Inserts. ART WITH HEART (The Invincible Girls Club #2) by Rachel Alpine, illustrated by Addy Rivera Sonda (Aladdin, May 4, 2021 ). fili x reader fili x y/n fili x you the hobbit fili the hobbit the hobbit fanfiction the hobbit fic lotr forgotten the hobbit series masterlist 46 notes Dec 27th, 2020 Open in app. SPN Mixed Bingo 2021 Masterlist TOLKIEN. Bakugo X Reader- Late Night Worries. So including the big 3, class 1-B, Shinsou, pro-heroes, etc. Text message - Chris Evans x Reader. Pairing: Brahms Heelshire x F!Reader Type: One-Shot Warnings: Smut (+18), dubious consent, Brahms being a little (big) shit, betrayal. requests are closed (FOR NOW) || masterlist! Legolas x short!reader headcanon +. "You are most definitely my type Fili," you said between breathes. The Hobbit Series Masterlist. Spending Halloween With Kili Would Include. "Someone's in a bad mood" You chuckled lightly, and you saw him turn to look at you. Pinned Post #brian zvonecek x reader #malcolm-bright-x-reader #doctor strange #movies #loki x you #loki #tom hiddleston #michael sheen. And as for Fili, maybe reader is super shy and likes him, but he has no clue? Not sure if either have been done or not, I've been reading a lot of reader lately. Company Masterlist / Other outside Company Masterlist. Careful Fili Waiting behind at Thorin’s side as your meeting ended and the council filed out to their next locations. Pharah was fiddling with her meal as she glanced over at the table just a few feet away. I've never seen you before, but I feel like I. He'll see the two of you arguing while Legolas shuttles you around Mirkwood and smile to himself. Haunted House - Draco Malfoy x Reader. When you finaly realice happiness is a person, the rest of the world fade. He tries to court her, but she is oblivious to it and thinks he's just being nice. * Female Reader (If not specified; GN!Reader) Kaz Brekker: - Kaz with a s/o whose love language is physical. But perhaps they have something to do with Thorin, the Dwarf who is just as lonely as she. ) a/n: I have come up with a pretty good plot/outline for/with two Oc’s for a Fili & Kili. Love Confessions (rex/reader hcs). Thank you!! Word Count: 814 (sorry that it's a bit short, not very experienced with writing about childbirth ;_;) I hope you like it!. She's not sure why a Wizard and two Dwarves appear on her stoop one morning, nor why they're so interested in her ancestors, but the reclamation of the Dwarf kingdom Erebor and Dale. MASTERLIST (this list will be updated regularly and linked in my description so you will have easy access to all of my works) ONE SHOTS (character x reader) FILI. A/N: Bases on this imagine by @ghiva-shel. word count: 713 warning(s): none (correct me if wrong. Pinned Post Masterlist x reader Masterlist Gravity Falls Secrets Of Unfortunate Events Teen Titans Suicide Squad DC Guardians of the Galaxy The Avengers The Hobbit / The Lord of the Rings Rise of the Guardians Hocus Pocus Twilight Harry Potter Ben 10 Yuri on ice Assassination Classroom The Ancient Magus' Bride Violet Evergarden Ouran High. But this imagine always made me smile and I wanted create something short with it. No small feat, considering how small the town was, and the shared social contact points in your family members. However, they're all keeping something from her, and when she's met with no answers at every turn, she gets fed up and runs off to her best friend, Seth Clearwater. • inbox is open, but be aware I may decline prompts. reader was abused in her childhood and is afraid to be a mother, the reader was in an accident that has given them PTSD, etc. Kili x reader Only Beats For You In A Moment Getting Wet Don't Leave Good Luck Charm Winning The Bet And The Girl Braiding. yandere! hisoka with a clumsy s/o. fili durin fili the hobbit fanfiction fluff fili x reader the hobbit tolkien reader insert originally posted on ao3. who has the weird taste in music: Aragorn would like classical, whilst Legolas would totally like punk rock. Warnings!-Mentions of body piercings. Bitter Hearts and Billets-doux. •Remus Lupin x Reader-Remus sees your patronus for the first time after spending weeks teaching you and is pleasantly surprised to see what it is, much to Y/N's embarrassment. thorin x reader fluff the hobbit the lord of the rings an unexpected journey the fellowship of the ring the desolation of smaug the two towers the battle of the five armies the return of the king legolas x reader. Awful Heart - Being a live engineer for Poor Impulse Control, you usually don't get a lot of attention. Premium BTS Trash — MASTERLIST. 'There resides Ingrid Broderick, a farmgirl claiming descent from the city of Dale. "Any hotter and you could have lost your hand. In bed with all of our clothes off. the hobbit the hobbit reader insert the hobbit imagine thranduil Apr 29, 2020 — Jealous - Thranduil x Reader Summary: Thranduil is known to be a jealous king. Jealous (Clark Kent x Reader) Request: Hello, lovely! How would jealous Superman react to someone hitting on the reader? from @navybrat817 Word Count: roughly 900. Originally posted by atomicblondeweirdo. [1] Brevforsendelse: Ved ordrer, som kun omfatter sytilbehør for under 223,99kr sender vi varen/-erne som et brev. masterlist imagine imagines fanfiction fanfic reader x reader reader insert x reader masterlist preference preferences. Masterlist of masterlists The Lord Of The Rings - masterlist The Hobbit - masterlist Marvel - masterlist Other - masterlist if you like something of my work, like or reblog, please. the hobbit fili the hobbit imagine the hobbit fili imagine the hobbit fili x reader the hobbit imagines the hobbit x reader fili durin x reader the hobbit fili durin x reader the hobbit kili. fili x reader fili durin masterlist reader insert. who's the cuddler: I think Aragorn would like to be the cuddler, but Legolas beats him to it. Part 1 of The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings Imagines. A/n: I don't often write for Regulus by my dear friend @xacatalepsyx requested this and I fell in love with the idea so I hope you all enjoy it. This is a collection of imagines [from my blog on tumblr - thranduilsperkybutt] involving The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings (movies) characters! Only SFW fic is in this collection, so enjoy! Any additional warnings will be posted in each chapter's Notes. " Kili held up his hands in surrender when you and Fili gave him a look. Thranduil x Reader-Devotion by @runawaymun. Fandoms I'm in mostly: Just got into Murder drones!! Fnf, Dnb, Sonic. ♡ Send in a request! Any member any genre! ♡ Mainlist brings you back to the group m. Masterlist Where'd You Go? - Rex x Reader An Open-Minded Dwarf - Fili x Reader Precious - Hannibal x Reader Life Day - Rex x Reader (Secret Santa gift) Just Plain Theme by Peter Vidani Powered by Tumblr. x reader stories — Naruto Masterlist. Warning: Panic/Anxiety Attack Word Count: 380 Translations: Mudùmel: comfort of all comforts, Atamanel: breath of all breaths, and Amrâlimê: my love A/N: Sometimes I'll wake up in a state of panic. Cookies (Dwalin x Reader, rated T) Dwalin Has a Bad Day (Dwalin x OC, rated T): [5] ️Thranduil. Tina let out a shocked laugh, and then immediately slapped her hand over her mouth when she saw who was in the other doorway. He liked the exchanged looks between you and his eldest nephew even less. You had avoided Bofur for three weeks. Synopsis: you get to meet Corpse’s friends when he introduces you with a game of among us. Look for the newJoin the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more!A panic attack is an intense episode of sudden fear that occurs when there's no apparent danger. Mistress in Green (Loki X reader) Ch. Read Oaken-kisses >> Thorin Oakenshield X Reader from the story Various Array of One Shots ️ by susiephalange (susie ♡) with 9,179 reads. Day 9: Blame It on Cider, part 2. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Search: Jealous Thorin X Reader Lemon. tooru Summary: Oikawa meets a boy at the koi pond in the park Pairing: Platonic Oikawa Tooru x Male! Reader Warnings: None really, one mention of hospitals Word Count: 1082 words Notes: This isn't the best but I had this idea but it was super angsty so I made it not super angsty because I'm trying to stop posting only angst content. com The AR or Cody C A quiz about the book The Hobbit by J. Cuddles - reader/ (crush) undecided crush in part 1, will be continued with different members of the Company as inspiration dictates. Pairing: Thorin x Reader (Thorin x wife!reader) Warnings: pure fluff and lots of it. Record your camera and screen with audio directly from your Chrome browser and share the video with your team, friends, and family. Story of My Life — Series Master List. Writer’s block is a bitch and I am dying to write something good again. oliver queen oliver x reader oliver queen imagines oliver queen imagine x reader x you arrow green arrow green arrow imagines green arrow imagine green arrow x reader imagine imagines. Sei in: notability gallery not showing / usb ethernet adapter driver windows 10 / connor x reader x rk900 lemon. Today, you expected no different, except it is; an empty suitcase is there, and the white-haired man in your bedroom wants you to pack up for your new home. When you introduced Bard as 'Bard', you think one of them almost fainted. Since I am nearing almost 200 followers ( WHICH I CAN'T BELIEVE ), I decided to go ahead and set up this little system of awards. How Far Are You Willing To Go? — AnimeNerd’s Masterlist. He’s pushing his hat upwards with his blaster. - Growing up in a royal household himself, Fili had been quite musical from the moment he talk. BTS Reacts: You Overworking and Something Bad Happens To You (!!) BTS Reacts: You Having A Cute Moan (!!) BTS Reacts: You Asking For A Massage/Bath Together. Originally posted by afoxthatpretendstobeabear. click through the up "Ok Jan 18, 2021 · World of Grey ( Crush x Reader ) Warnings: death, angst,. Pairing: Bilbo x gn!reader, Thranduil x gn!reader, Thorin x gn!reader, Dwalin x gn!reader, Nori x gn!reader, Kili x gn!reader, Fili x gn!reader, Ori x gn!reader, Legolas x gn!reader, Lindir x gn!reader. Masterlist for 'The Hobbit' fics here! fili x reader hijab wearing reader hijab! reader fili x you reader-insert the hobbit imagines fluff angst the hobbit the hobbit fanfiction the hobbit x reader thorin oakenshield fanfiction fanfic. Originally posted by this-is-for-fili. My socials: Main, YouTube, Twitter. You and Fili were on a simple journey to establish relations with a nearby community when a rogue band of orcs attacked. Halloween Jealousy - Fred Weasley x Reader. You tried to look appalled but Fili's face of shock was too much. The Half-Elven Dunedain: Chapter 2 A/N: Here it is!! Chapter 2!! I am working on Chapter 3 at the moment, so hopefully, it will be doe before the end of the day, and maybe I'll even post it. Shit I've said part 3 I won't. Corpse is streaming but you don’t want to interrupt, so you decide to cuddle silently with him instead while he is streaming. The valley of Imladris lay lapped in the silver mantle intricately woven by the thread of Isil's running silver. I hope I did alright, I loved writing it and hope you guys like it as much as I do!. Fili x female reader) mechanic AU, heavy on the smut! club ouran x reader ouran imagines ouran masterlist tamaki suoh Kyoya Ootori hikaru . Warnings: Lost Fili, suggested magic at work, implied soul mates. Search: Jealous Imagines Tumblr. (Fili is listed first, then Kili) FILI. It had been long, torturous years since Sirius Black had been wrongfully accused of murdering his friends. Interesting chaos yes, but still chaos. After sustaining an injury while saving Legolas’s life, you and the dwarves are taken captive back to Mirkwood castle where Legolas cares for your injury. Imagine being best friends with fili and kili since childhood and having a really jokey relationship with kili. Pair: JJ Maybank x Routledge! Reader. The darkness encloses you, your vision even under closed lids—dims and water fills your lungs as you welcome the weightless, lifeless feeling. Search: Lotr Legolas X Reader You Get Hurt. a/n: i think this is cute can u tell i love mutual pining lmaooo but yeah this is a short one sorry anyway lmk if you guys like it :) masterlist--everyone had their little thing that stayed on the jet. sorryjustafangirl’s masterlist all are reader inserts unless otherwise specified! blurb masterlist coming soon [p] = prompt/requested. When Emelyn discovers a classmate hiding in the bathroom crying. Originally posted by imagine-all-the-things. Multi Pairing Series Masterlist. When you tell him that you’re pregnant, the biggest smile you’ve ever seen him have comes to his face. Summary: Your Alpha is less than pleased when it comes to your new purchase. Fili - It was the first fight you'd seen in a long time. Pretty much are all, 2nd person pov tagged as x Reader OC or just x OC, so you have been warned!! The few y/n format ones will be named as such in the descriptions. A/N: Btw the Enchantress can be any race I didn't specify. Everything is going to be fine. It was first published on September 21, 1937 to wide critical acclaim. x Fili/Kili x OC, OC x Glorfindel (Possibly Thranduil too) Ghosts -Radagast finds himself charged with assigning a Wizard to the task of the Journey to Erebor. Dear Evan Hansen Evan Hansen x reader. :) Dwalin Modern AU Masterlist - Fili/Kili Masterlist. Encountering Fili and Kili on a chance supply run, Branna quickly befriends the two princes, eventually meeting their uncle and pledging herself to his cause for reasons she cannot determine. Where shall I begin? Well, once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there ruled the royal family of Durin. “Is this the story of how you and Uncle met?” Fili wondered as he walked by with the firewood – or rather, . He eyes the contents of it with disdain. His attention is only lessened when a small child started. But Fili and Kili take some extra…reinforcement to come back inside since they're so happy about the snow. You looked toward the center of the campsite and saw that Thorin had indeed wandered off, and that Fili and Kili were both looking a bit . Fili x Reader - Man of My Dreams. Hi all, I finally finished my mobile masterlist! Because of how many fics I have, and tumblr's funny rule about word count per post, I had to split it up into two parts. you were Bilbo’s niece; you were visiting your uncle the night the dwarves arrived at his place. Warnings: Mentions of death and dead animals, Language, Guns. How Far Are You Willing To Go?. A/n: @lilith15000 asked for the prompt "crying over how loved you are" and I thought it would fit our golden prince quite well! Publié à l'origine par riotingravenclaw. This is just supposed to be a fun little HC cause I, myself am feeling a little emotional tonight You sat against a mountain wall, surrounded by Fili, kili, Balin and Thorin; They all talked about the. (Twilight) (Fluff)(Smut) is updated. but when you hear rumors of a man who plagues the town you want to get to the bottom of it. Thranduil x Reader-Warm Me, Won't You by @blueberryrock. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Mae Govannen, mellyn vell — Anchoring masterlist. Pairing: Fíli x Reader Summary: Waking up, Fíli is concerned for his wife as he finds her in the middle of one of her battles all alone. Pt 13 - Pt 14 - Pt 15 - Pt 16 - Pt 17 - Pt 18 - Pt 19 - Pt 20 - Pt 21 - Pt 22 - Pt 23 - Pt 24 - Pt 25 - Pt 26 - Pt 27 - Pt 28 -. THE HOBBIT ONE-SHOTS (NOT READER INSERTS) An Unexpected Pregnancy: Fili x Sigrid. Search: Thranduil X Reader Tumblr. My Fanfiction Place: Masterlist of Drunk Drabbles. thank you for supporting the blm global network! read the sequel here. With and overweight and insecure friend. Someone is writing mean messages about Emelyn and other kids in her grade on pieces of paper and sticking them to lockers and bathroom walls. Fíli x OC Tullaina (Midamîn = my happy place) Warnings: talk about grief, losing a loved one, lots of sadness but also soft Fíli and…Fíli finally realizes something. Natasha Romanoff x f!Reader Holiday Request So This Is It 1, 2, 3 Three Words. The term is most widely used in the UK where circumcision among non-Jews or non-Muslims is more rare, but in the United States, where it is more common, it can be considered insulting to many non-Jewish males as well. - As book!Fili and Kili play instruments, I’m running with it. And you, unfortunately, are one of them. So the FIRST ONE is the OLDEST FIC I got. The dwarves seeing you fight for the first time. seeing someone else comfort their s/o after making them feel insecure. Set-up - Thorin x Reader - ⚔️ Thorin is jealous because you're spending time with Fíli and Kíli. you sucked in a breath through gritted teeth as a cramp destroyed your lower abdomen, your hand flying to cover it instinctively. BlairSanne: December Prompts Drabble Masterlist. The Last Chapter (Platonic!Bilbo X Thorin, Fili, Kili) -Remembering Bilbo's friendship with those they lost in the journey to reclaim Erebor lord of the rings the hobbit lord of the rings imagines lord of the rings x reader the hobbit imagines the hobbit x reader lotr tolkien jrr tolkien masterlist ceinelee series imagines oneshots lord of. Masterlist (Gifs aren't mine, credit to the owners) Requests: Open Author is always me on this blog: @daydreams-magic01-mrsdurin. Fili x Ingrid Broderick (OC) Descent Masterlist. lathalea: "Masterlist ️ Thorin • The Weeping Willow (Thorin x Reader, angst, dark fairy tale, rated T, complete): [1] [2] • The Lotus Flower and the Summer Wind (Thorin x Reader, rated T) • All Is. I have to study for an exam so naturally a. An Unexpected Pregnancy: Fili x Sigrid. I’m sure you’ve all read fanfics before so I won’t have to explain what exactly I’m doing here, so I’ll just give a little bit of information so you won’t be. Set in Modern Earth, where the company is a group of bikers. A Heart Adrift - Thorin x Reader, minor Fili x Reader, a tale of betrayal, and jealousy, and eventual happy endings. Vyx — Masterlist Chapter 1 Hello there! I'm Vyx, and if. Fili x Reader-Baby Kicks by @ellie-granger. Key: Fluff:☀ Angst:☁ Social Media/Text: ⌨. preferences: how their parents react to yours being immigrants - requested. What is Lotr Legolas X Reader You Get Hurt. The wizard felt nothing but relief at the fact that two of his friends had stood by with him. Warning: pain, torture, blood, Klaus saving the reader MASTERLIST "Everything has to be always the way you want, doesn't it?" you shouted at him in the heat of your argument, because of Klaus being overprotective too. 4k Before Enji took you, all you had for company were your. Lioness - Fili x Reader Summary: You and Fili are a warrior duo to be reckoned with, . The sting of metal wringing against metal echoed through the stone halls of Erebor, and you landed a solid blow against Fili's sword. Oh A Little Bit (Every Day) - Not used to receiving compliments, you shy away from the company's attempts at kindness. Motor vehicle accident, injury, angst. Enjoy this experiment of sorts. Summary: Fili is in love, and so are you. As a way to show my gratitude as best I can. asking for personality traits for the reader is fine (i. Bakugou x Reader - Prompts - #103 “I’m pregnant. yandere! hisoka when his darling asks him for affection. 2 #assassin reader #kili x reader #fili x reader #bilbo x reader More you might like. Masterlist Where’d You Go? - Rex x Reader An Open-Minded Dwarf - Fili x Reader Precious - Hannibal x Reader Life Day - Rex x Reader (Secret Santa gift). 1k It's all too real I'm practically squirming on the spot. todd x reader x neil: a decision - requested. Pairing: Fíli x Gender Neutral Reader. Pairing: Dean Winchester x reader Category: One-shot Summary: You wake up for some sleepy cuddles with your Dean. Ghosts (peter parker x reader) Don't Go (peter parker x friend! reader) Peter Parker & Squirrel Girl - Moodboard; Earth (thor x reader) RED DEAD REDEMPTION. A/N: Drabble based on Heavy Petting, written for and during my first writing livestream! Your eyes fluttered open for what felt like the third time that night. You called out, knocking on the door to his quarters gently. masterlist for mobile devices wayne x reader dick grayson x reader jason todd x reader tim . #series master list; #master list; #series; December 20, 2017 - 236 notes / December 20, 2017; Tweet; Facebook; Permalink. Request: Hello can i request a Thorin x reader with number 79 involving true loves kiss (I blame OUAT, sorry). What if 'Bilbo Baggins' was more than what she . We are constantly on the edge, looking around to see if there's any kind of danger around us. Imagine Kili Holding a Puppy -Fili X Reader (fluff, based on a prompt on ImaginexHobbit). Pairing: Fíli x Gender Neutral ! Reader. happy halloween masterlist 2021 masterlist bts masterlist slasher masterlist thomas hewitt tiffany valentine bubba saywer x reader bts ot7 x reader bts au fanfic bts ot7 resident evil karl heisenberg is a dilf change my mind karl heisenburg x reader lady demitrescu avater the last airbender prince zuko house of wax ghostface stu ghostface billy. This is a part of a series the other parts with the other Weasley's can be found in the link, thus why I have added the other tags. With an s/o who suffers from self-harm 💮. Fili x reader Insecure Wrong name. Requested by: @tonii Always happy to provide for the Aizawa supremacy! 🛐 Tags: If you would like to be tagged, just message me and ask to be added to the list :) Originally posted by myherogifs. Holiday Masterlist - Fallen to ME Masterlist Random Tolkien Masterlist. XLS file onto the program window. Pairing: Bofur x Reader CW: No smut this time, just lust and kissing. shy, outgoing, adventurous, reserved, snarky, etc. Fili Masterlist · Rest Masterlist · Trolls · I'll Follow You · No Kissing · Silly, Silly Dwarf · Watch Me · Pranking the Princes · Hero . Jan 02, 2022 · Roxanne Wolf x sibling! Reader (Platonic!) headcanons Had a random idea and I love it Masterlist . What I do: I mainly draw but I also write, roleplay, read, and sometimes animate. Before things got too heated, you finally broke apart, panting. File Viewer Lite will open the file and display the document in its native format as if you were viewing the document with Microsoft Excel. One shots / Mini series / Series. sorryjustafangirl's masterlist all are reader inserts unless otherwise specified! blurb masterlist coming soon [p] = prompt/requested. This story is a Juicy x Eddie Basically. A/N: Just an old fanfic that I found from last year. Note: So for some of the requests Thorin, Fili and Kili will have survived but for others they won’t and or they aren’t that far into the timeline of the quest. THORIN OAKENSHIELD HAD not fancied the idea of another member in the company after Gandalf forced the hobbit upon them as a burglar, especially one with even a hint of elven blood. Contrary Durins (Thorin x reader) Fili and Kili have been fighting over you since the journey began, and Thorin's had just about enough of their nonsense. This is dark!biker!Sam Wilson x reader and explicit. Twilight x reader masterlist Twilight x reader masterlist. Timing: this story happens about ten years before the quest, a few years before Adorable so Fíli and Tullaina are in their late sixties, early seventies (human equivalent of age 19-20 I think?). I am proud to present a revised and updated version of my Tolkien masterlist. His Love (Coming Soon) [ Leonard McCoy x Reader ] Star Trek AOS. BTS Reaction | being afraid of turbulences during traveling. Word count: 1296 Everyone was tired and hurt and hungry and cold. Just Friends (ARAGON REQUEST) The Prince And The Lion (KILI REQUEST) The Dead Will Rise (KILI REQUEST) Impression (FILI REQUEST) She's Moved On (FILI REQUEST) Big Brother (FILI REQUEST) Forgetful King (THORIN REQUEST) Dog Days (STEVE ROGERS REQUEST) My Girl (KILLIAN JONES. Girl Next Door's Make Me Feel Bingo Masterlist SPN Fluff Bingo 2021 Masterlist. Writing for The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. That's what lead to your being the trainer of the Indominus Rex, on the island where all the predators are. Some of you changed it, so I made sure to add it. Headcanons for Keith with a s/o who bottles up her problems and is overtly angry. Read Red (Fili x reader) from the story Tolkien reader inserts/one shots by MegLPie (Meg) with 14,332 reads. You woke up early and couldn't fall back asleep, so you decided to start your day early and go outside to watch the sunrise from your favorite spot in the grass. 4 Honeymoon (smut) Keeper of the word (T’challa x Reader) Captain’s wife (Steve Rogers x Reader) Rainbow (Peter Parker x Reader) Watch me alone (Bucky Barnes x Reader). Durin’s Garage (modern!Fili x female reader) mechanic AU, heavy on the smut! Soulmates. text post from 3 years ago Writings-Of-A-British-Fangirl's 17k Follower Celebration Drabble Master List! Fili [PROMPT #50: "i probably shouldn't do this…" "do what?" "kiss you. I might not be the adulty-ist adult that's ever adulted, but by my age alone, I am an adult! MASTERLIST. Fili x Reader Fili- Purple Text You- Red Text. x Fili/Kili x OC, OC x Glorfindel (Possibly Thranduil too) Ghosts –Radagast finds himself charged with assigning a Wizard to the task of the Journey to Erebor. summary; since enji took you, you've only really missed one thing; your houseplants. Drabble: Bond returns home to reader following a hard mission. Siblings!Kili&Fili & Uncle!Thorin x Reader. the hobbit fíli fili golden lion prince of durin's folk fili appreciation week fili x reader fili x you xxbyimmwrites tale teller's 52 week writing challenge 239 notes Aug 2nd, 2019. Requests open :) — ⅈ Masterlist ⅈ. About Reader Jealous Legolas X. Synopsis: Negan x Reader Negan Dean owns the most popular spot in town; an edgy, eclectic coffee shop called Saviours Coffee House. Sexuality: Straight (sometimes I feel bi) Age: 14. Part 2 (Thorin) - Thorin puts his foot in it. A New Start [ John Kennex x Reader ] Almost Human. Knox x Reader x Neil: you belong with me: part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4. Originally posted by akiema » my masterlist: usually updated after every work. Originally posted by bonniebirddoesgifs. You are perhaps the most arrogant elf I have ever met. Until Fili and Kili return, very much alive. Warnings: cooking, heated makeout sesh because who wouldn’t want that with Fíli? Summary: You insist on helping Fíli clean up the kitchen. For Thorin still has a soft smile as he gazes down at Blu and seems to be unaware that he is doing so. Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader Rating: T Warnings: Some violence Notes: Set ~ 3 years before Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Summary: Three things happened very quickly: 1. Talk of the Block [ McKirk x Reader ] Star Trek AOS. Summary: Going out for some drinks, Fíli and Kíli join in on a celebration. They molded together like two pieces of a puzzle. His attention is only lessened when a small child started attaching itself to the keeper's leg. Just Us and Fili x** Wonderful, My Love x** Angel x** Princess x. Summary: Y/N and the rest of the pogues go on a hunt to find the weapon that killed Peterkin. Note: So for some of the requests Thorin, Fili and Kili will have survived but for others they won't and or they aren't that far into the timeline of the quest. i literally do what i domestic nat's wife — natasha x reader masterlist. Rated SFW | Humor & fluff | Modern AU where Rhys gets drunk at the bar and calls Feyre to rant about how much he loves her. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you. Distractions - Billy Hargrove x Reader. Summary: When Y/N doesn’t show up at home, Jay knows something is wrong and heads out to look for her. A Wolf in the Bedroom x** One for One x? Dream of You x** Written in the Stars x. Go back to main masterlist Fics have a summary in the masterlists. " "The skin would have charred right off. Kili x reader Word count: 673 Warnings: none. The first is in full-color, the second one is black and white with only the background in full-color. You, however, have no time to worry about his opinion with goblins capturing your friends. About Jealous Reader Thorin Lemon X. The Hobbit Their reaction to you getting a tattoo in their honour. He doesn't know that his nephews are . "Duck fili" you yelled as kili threw dirt he was pretending was pony muck at the group. Pairings: Thorin x gn!reader, Dwalin x gn!reader, Bofur x gn!reader, Kili x gn!reader, Fili x gn!reader. In Sickness and in Health - Fili has a crush on you, the company's nurse, and the feeling is mutual. A Kili Durin Appreciation Post. Today's prompt: word: darkness. A Mother’s Blessing: Thorin x Reader. “Oh Pairing: Fíli x fem!Reader. Originally posted by bilboxbgns. Emmett x reader x Jasper(pt2) Caius Volturi x Self-harm!fem!reader Edward Cullen x Potter!Ravenclaw!Reader. Feb 10, 2015 - 35,708 points • 330 comments - Laught way to hard at this - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay, sport, food, memes, cute, fail, wtf photos on the internet! where Legolas is actually Fleur Delacour. Vyx — Masterlist Chapter 1 Hello there! I’m Vyx, and if. Jack Kline x Reader Masterlist. Part of the big old Durin's Garage AU! Garage AU Masterlist. Many Fandoms Writer — Imagine being Radagast's Apprentice. After a while, you both pulled away, when you heard someone clear their throat nearby. Summary: As it turns out, Fili is your lionheart. Warning: idk if there but oh well. Kinda like a young and female Iroh. Note: Reader character is female, of at least partial Norwegian descent, has blue-grey eyes and light brown hair, is shorter than Anders, is the goddess Lofn, works for SkyCity Hamilton. " Aidan Turner as Kili Durin "I don't think she likes us. Amnesia Pt1 - Fred Weasley x Reader. You have a cold, but Garou doesn’t know that. Search: Thranduil X Reader Tumblr An Owed Debt - Bucky x May (oc) Masterlist. Please, if you request Character x Reader, specify the gender, otherwise it’d be Female Reader; do not request real people (actors) Do not request rape/incest/sexual abuse/underage sex; LOTR/Hobbit mastrlist. Summary: After getting engaged to Thorin, your mother shows up to speak to you about the wedding. Headcanons, gender neutral pronouns. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; killmewithafanfic liked this. Gods, why did you think it'd be a good idea to come along? You didn't fit in. The Three Women Of Durin Masterlist (thorin x reader, fili x reader, kili x reader) The Six Lovers Of Erebor Sneak Peak Moodboards; JURASSIC PARK. Then Came You - You meet Fili at a fair and join the quest as a weapons-maker. A few choice ingredients and one unbound soul a. Two years ago you had signed on with Alfa Romeo to finally join. the mystery of her birth ends up having her mother and her banished from their coven. Request: Hello I'd like to request a Fili imagine. Originally posted by fili-please. What he doesn't know is how much of an impact this wolf pup will have on his life. Word count: 3491 Tw: Established relationship?Use of Y/N (I hate myself). 8 A Twist In The Tale » by snowleopardpaws Fili and Kili have a little sister! Lets just say, Fili, Kili and Kara get into a lot of trouble! :) Their mischievous ways are often forced to come to a halt when they are battling torture, orcs and a group. For every- @ 20 comments (from at least 5 different people)=Chapter. Originally posted by stayblondebaby the hobbit the lord of the rings lotr bard the bowman x reader bard x reader fili x reader kili x reader thorin x reader thorin oakenshield x reader tauriel x reader aragorn x reader eowyn x reader arwen x reader boromir x reader. GusGus The Magnificent — Marvel Masterlist. Bofur makes it his quest to prove to you that you are worthy of the compliments they award you. But something else happens: you fall in love with the Lion Prince. Anyways, this is a Thranduil x Bard x reader, as many of you have requested, and this first one is mostly about Thranduil! This is the first story in a long time that I'm really proud of, so I hope you like it!. When their kids swear (REQUESTED) When they get scared by the reader (REQUESTED) When the reader can Pole Dance/Aerial Silk dance. Thorin X Reader Jealous CeineLee — The Hobbit Masterlist The Hobbit Masterlist "I had to separate my LOTR Masterlist as it was getting quite cramped in that one LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 26, 2020. NSFW: Sex with Fili would include · fili x reader headcanons the hobbit jrr tolkien . Behind him three suns are setting. Fandom: The Hobbit (I'm mixing up a bit both book and movie canons, bear with me) Relationships: Thorin x Yrsa (Dwarf Female OC) Warnings: the effects of drinking lots of cider, one herbalist in trouble, one oblivious king. Author's note: This chapter TOOK ME FOREVER! So sorry! WELCOME, EVERYONE NEW TO THE TAG LIST! SO MANY OF YOU! Also, I went over EVERYONE's USERNAME. 7K | Genre: College Au | TW: Angst, Swearing, Infidelity, Betrayal | Status: Completed. Pairing: modern Fili x female reader. Pairing: soon to be Legolas x reader, uncle!Elrond, mentions Gimli, Fili, Kili, Thorin, Thranduil. Pairings: Trey Clover x gn! reader, Leona Kingscholar x gn!reader, Jack Howl x gn!reader, Jamil Viper x gn!reader, Idia Shroud x gn!reader. laurfilijames: “Masterlist Slow Burn series- modern Fili x female OC Prim Slow Burn- Part 1 Slow Burn- Part 2 Slow Burn- Part 3 Slow Burn- . masterlist Deb writes ficmas2020 31 days of ficmas. is now making a big deal out of it. You know this will turn into chaos. The dark space you were in was now brighter than 1000 sun’s as you looked around. NARUTO CHARACTER x READER MASTERLIST. Shang-Chi x Avenger!Reader with scream powers (ongoing) Shang-Chi x Stark!Readerverse Masterlist. AnimeNerd's Masterlist ~~~~~ Anime Masterlist~~~~~ One Piece~~~~~ Castlevenia~~~~~ Haikyuu! ~~~~~ How Far Are You Willing To Go? — AnimeNerd's Masterlist. Start studying The Hobbit (Chapters 1-6). I used the lullaby from Frozen 2 because I love it haha This is also an au where Fili, Kili, and Thorin. Tony Stark x Reader Drabble Anytime. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; chocolateneckoafpersona liked. JRR Tolkien Masterlist icarus-fell-in-spring: " No longer actively writing for this fandom but still post the odd thing every once in a while! F I C SValar/Maiar: • Eonwe x Reader House of Feanor •. Author has written 91 stories for Zorro, Star Wars, Touched by an Angel, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, and Sherlock. keywords related and the list of websites with related #fili x male reader on Tumblr. ) asking for a mood, general storyline/scenario is okay!. Jaime Chung as Raewyn 'Tolmiró' Asha "You must either be blind or brain-dead if you think you would ever have a chance. Safe : 1,259 words || Peter Parker x Male!Reader. Warnings: Cute Fluff, slightly jealous Thorin. @midearthwritings) Updated February 20, 2022. "Just trying to lighten the mood and take her mind off the pain. Your workmates, both avid book fans, saw Bard and their jaws practically dropped to the floor. Bakugou x Reader - While studying, the reader falls asleep and Bakugou tucks her in. Au sans x reader jealous ; fili x kili x reader GIFs. fíli durin fíli x reader fíli x reader smut fíli x reader angst fíli x reader fluff fíli fili x reader fili x y/n fili fanfic fili durin fili smut fíli smut the company of thorin oakenshield the hobbit. Darling who has a strong connection with Teyvat) ♥ THE FATED THREE (Consort! Zhongli, Ayaka and Diluc x reader) ♥SUBJECT 2 SAVING YOU (imposter! albedo x reader) ( cw: mention of injuries) ♥BEGGING FOR UNATTAINABLE FOTGIVENESS (Archons x reader) ( cw: angst, slight mention of injuries) ♥WARM AS THE ICE AND SNOW (Fatui villain au) ( cw. Sex Tape (headcanon) ♡ 15 Minutes ♡ (18+) (M) (one-shot) Summary: Finally gaining the courage to escape your captor, you can’t help but recall the circumstances that led you to be locked up in the first place. Or sometimes, when I'm unable to sleep, a sense of. Totally and maiawrites masterlist lord of the rings the hobbit jrr tolkien x reader reader insert legolas x reader fili x reader aragorn x Apr 20, . He already was, but he found a way to be even more so. Tom Ellis (lucifer) Will update over time. Masterlist Dis wasn´t as excited as her boys but Fili and Kili had been dreaming of owning a ram of their own and finally, now that Erebor was thriving again, they would be able to become owners of one of the legendary bloodlines of rams. I'll add to this more and more, as time goes on. Tale Teller´s 52 week writing challenge masterlist. connor x reader x rk900 lemonbusiness valley national bank Aprile 27, 2022 / in slack screen share change pen color / da. I Am My Own (Reader x Thranduil) - Chapter 6. T Chase: The Dragon and Phoenix in Shanghai. Fili flipped you both over, not breaking the kiss. Originally posted by stayblondebaby the hobbit the lord of the rings lotr bard the bowman x reader bard x reader fili x reader kili x reader thorin x reader thorin oakenshield x reader tauriel x reader aragorn x. Masterlist Thorin Oakenshield X Reader- - Melody - Melody Part 2 - Balance - Like This Forever Fili X Reader- Fili Files Chapter 1 - Little Lion Man (On Hiatus) Bilbo Baggins X Reader- - Intuition -. There is a part where Kili uses "My Lady" when addressing the reader. You help Thorin stay on the good side of the inn keeper and swap stories over ale. Thranduil x ChildhoodBestfriend!Reader Headcannons. That’s probably why you were awake now, rising slowly to the surface as you felt the blankets covering. Kili risks his life for his love. Legolas Comforting The Reader Would Include. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. ♢ The brothers & MC with a vitamin deficiency 🌺. I'm sorry the first time I uploaded this was a slip of a finger and I felt so blood bad! But I hope you enjoy the ending. When Bilbo runs late he asks one of his friends to come pick you up. Being the only woman in the fellowship Headcannons. masterlist thehobbit lordoftherings xreader thehobbitxreader lordoftheringsxreader x reader the hobbit lotr lord of the rings the hobbit x reader lord of the rings x reader. Imagine Kili getting jealous of your friendship with Bilbo part 2 You and the company had journeyed on and had set up camp in an opening in the forest. I want to let things run their course. I hope this makes someone else smile today. Kili: Jealous Heart (Kili x female reader). Fili’s hand came up to rest upon your neck and you wraped your arms around his. Bakugou x Reader - Prompts - #103 "I'm pregnant. gender neutral pronouns Marvel Masterlist. A/N Sorry for not writing for a long time. Request: " Can I request a Bofur x human!reader where she's a paladin and trusty and kind member of the company that ends up fighting with them in the botfa and, during the battle, Bofur tries to confess his feelings for her but the battlefield is so messy and confusing that that takes him more than a couple of tries?. Honestly, aside from Bilbo and the elves no one in the company is really all that phased by it. Originally posted by hughdancyn. He had been taught to play the harp and his mother sang lullabies with him all the time. View all the features File Viewer Lite has to offer. 14 - Books - The Hobbit (Fili, Kili, Ori) 15 - Ornaments - Big Wolf On Campus (Merton, Tommy, OC) 16 - Snowball fight 17 - Miracle 18 - Christmas market - Big Wolf On Campus (Merton, OC, Tommy, Lori) 19 - Apron 20 - Coming home - The Almighty Johnsons (Anders x Reader) 21 - Wrapping paper - The Hobbit (Kili x Reader). ♡ Links at your service to find fics to fill your feels! Let me know if there’s a problem with a link. (Platonic) The Company x Gn Reader Word Count: 2947 Warning(s): A little angst here and there but not really mostly fluffy. Warnings: AU- Erebor was never taken, so Fíli and Kíli grew up in the mountain, also the boys are in their thirties and forties here, fluff! Summary: As Fíli and Kíli take down the decorations from their Yule celebrations, they find something interesting. Fíli, working in his family’s security agency, receives his new assignment: guarding Lucy. BTS Reaction | you having to sit on their lap and try not. - Mixed signals with Fili (Platonic Kili x reader) * - Fili with an autistic s/o - Fili crushing on his s/o - Fili with a s/o who enjoys singing - Your wedding day with Fili (his pov) - Into You* Summary: You and Fili have been courting for a year now and you decided to join the quest to Erebor. crush x reader jealous lemon Old Navy provides the latest fashions at great prices lemon, on us Crush x jealous reader 9K Warnings : a little angst, a lot of fluff, Crush x reader school lemon (Jan 18, 2021) Rated M for gore and graphic rape scenes. Please, if you request Character x Reader, specify the gender, otherwise it'd be Female Reader; do not request real people (actors) Do not request rape/incest/sexual abuse/underage sex; LOTR/Hobbit mastrlist. Masterlist Chicago (Med, PD, Fire) Will Halstead Minor Head Trauma: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Jay Halstead Personal Fairy: 1 Apologies: 1 The Truth in the Past: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5. Journey to Hogwarts Series Masterlist. Hope you're in the mood for a story of angst, emotions, and trying to find love again. He simply wished to rule his kingdom and keep peace of mind. For that reason all the new Asians who are around you in e. I have been feeling just so down lately, to a point I know I am not taking care of myself. Imagine Thorin Wrapping His Furry Coat Around You on Cold Nights Pt. A/n: I've had this thought and started this a month back and have finally finished this part. there he does come upon a ranger of the north—though it isn’t the one he is looking for. keida ☆ she/her ☆ 21 ☆ masterlist (18+ please!) sunburst squadron. "Aye—the villages of Men are crude," Fíli says, pushing his cup to the side with one, thick finger. Home (Thorin x reader) Thorin has requested a portrait of you, mistakenly assuming you mean to leave Erebor. my name is mel! i started writing in general many years ago and created my tumblr blog back in 2017 in the hopes of improving my english skills—by now i am long out of school and while my time to write is more limited, i still like to think up stories and sometimes i manage to write them down, too. Without treatment, frequent and prolonged panic attacks can be severely disabling. Both you and Fili looked to see Kili standing there, with a smug look upon his face. Truth or lemon haikyuu x reader, Nov 05, 2016 · Hetalia x Reader @ Lemon and [email protected]. Warning: Panic/Anxiety Attack Word Count: 380 Translations: Mudùmel: comfort of all comforts, Atamanel: breath of all breaths, and Amrâlimê: my love A/N: Sometimes I’ll wake up in a state of panic. But Fili and Kili take some extra…reinforcement to come back inside since. hello everyone! I'm mika, welcome to my daydreams! this is an 18+ blog, I write yandere theme and nsfw. You weren't nervous anymore and honestly, you didn't even see that the Hall was full. Good Intentions & Broken Promises Masterlist (loki x fem!reader) Ongoing: Parts Unknown. Writer's Month 2021 Masterlist (complete) All my responses to @writersmonth's 2021 prompt list! Unrelated blurbs following Thorin Oakenshield and his wife Branna as they navigate life as King and Queen Under the Mountain. The Golden Round- Childhood Friends AU Part 2. As well, I don’t want 1 pairing out shining the other, which leaves me little choice but to ask for help from my fellow writers. This is a blog about Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit Imagines; Requests: One-shots: CLOSED, Involves: CLOSED, Ships: CLOSED, Aesthetics: CLOSED, Preferences: CLOSED, ;I am so sorry if there are any mistakes in my writings because I am not from England or America; I am Riley and I hope you are going to enjoy😊💕. Shot Through The Heart (Legolas x Reader) E. Hi this is a Dream x Reader or Clay x Reader!! Just to let you guys know that this book is OLD (probably almost 2 years now). overview: the team cant help but notice reader and spencer's obvious affections towards eachother, so they start keeping track. Masterlist Jurassic Park/World Masterlist. All you've done so far was get in yourself and The Company in trouble. Warnings: mentions of school bullying, mentions of assault, mentions of injuries, panic attack, anxiety. prompts masterlist the hobbit lord of the rings marvel thorin oakenshield thorin kili fili Legolas legolas greenleaf Bucky barnes thorin oakenshield x reader fili x reader kili x reader Bucky barnes x reader Legolas x reader Richard armitage Richard armitage x reader thranduil thranduil x reader Dwalin x reader Dwalin John thornton modern!John. The Little Mermaid (Fili X Reader) (Fairytale themed reader inserts coming your way! When I say fairytale themed, it doesn't mean I took the whole story and just changed the names and places. Let The Devil In - Eddie Brock/Venom x F!Reader Masterlist. BTS was known for being crazy and ruthless, but one thin. Work in progress! Pairing: Thorin x Reader, Dwalin x Olka (OC), Gloin x Gerda (OC) Summary: “There is no amount of loyalty nor love for men nor elves nor dwarves, when one is figthting for their loved ones, for what they see right and true. cue two or three Dwarves - usually Fíli, Kíli and Bofur - trying to chase you and calm your horse while the others were laughing their arse off or you failing to properly mount your horse, falling off countless times that's when the Dwarves became bolder and amused themselves with saucy comments and jokes on your behalf all in Khuzdul of course. Masterlist A/n: Thank you for the request💕Feel free to like/reblog or send a request :) arthur leclerc Arthur leclerc x reader Arthur leclerc x you formula 3 f3 F3 driver formula 1 fake social media f1 driver x reader charles leclerc x reader carlos sainz x reader lando norris x reader mick schumacher x reader. The first time Fili saw you was when you were refilling ale for some of the dwarves that were already there; he isn’t as smooth as his younger brother when it came to women, but he thought you. About Avengers attack reader panic x daughter. Kili Masterlist Headcanons• Kili in the Snow Requests• Kili x pregnant!reader. Originally posted by fandomgalcentral. Regulus knew what he had to do. Imagines: bucky barnes x reader sebastian stan x reader thranduil x reader loki x reader main masterlist.